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  1. Hey Ducky, I'm going to close this appeal here as you've now exceeded the deny threshold I had in mind. All the best. Ban Upheld Locked & Archived
  2. Hey Bashed, unfortunately I have no reason to revoke a ban verified by multiple parties, and originally denied by Meepen. Our sincerest apologies and all the best to you! Ban Upheld Locked & Archived
  3. Hey Ducky, I wholefully believe in second chances-- however the impact you had on the community leaves a great stain on your name. I'll leave this appeal for a while for the purpose to let the community decide if you deserve a second chance, the ones who faced the brunt of the toxicity. I welcome community input and comments on this, stating a reason behind a +1 or -1.
  4. Ban time corrected Given the situations presented, I have no reason to believe the multiple conflicting stories provided through discord, forums & direct messages. The ban time has been corrected to fit the offence. Player banned for 3 months following the report of 3 separate players found to be Purposeful Locked & Archived
  5. Hey @TimeSweat velk.ca I have a few questions for you before deciding on the state of your appeal, as there is quite alot of problems. Firstly, can you explain your actions reasoning for the first two perceived RDMs found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8B8wtcAYpP4&feature=youtu.be Secondly, for the event that followed this round, after the player voiced to report you for above-- could you explain your actions in the video to follow? https://youtu.be/DNcv05e_37w As you were reported by three separate players for Purposeful RDM, if you cannot offer reasoning behind these actions I will be correcting the time of the ban to reflect our procedure.
  6. Ban Upheld You're welcome to remake this appeal following the format required. Locked & Archived
  7. T$E Sniperz`

    houmd apport

    > community post > about hound > colossal shitpost
  8. T$E Sniperz`

    houmd apport

    Under gayview conclusion minty gay
  9. Upon reviewing this I cannot consider this to fall under Ghosting, as it requires information to be shared from players who are dead to those alive. However, I will be reviewing this complaint further as (Trolling) and encourage this to be followed by a (Bullying & Harassment) complaint if this behavior is continued. Upon speaking to the players involved it is clear the actions from Yuplol held malicious intent towards Tango stemming from the weapon Tango was using, and a simple bad day. Going to the point as to call out their role wasn't the best course of action to deal with either of these and won't be tolerated on Pluto. Reported player will receive a warning for Trolling - First Offence Locked & Archived
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