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  1. The moment your name becomes derogatory towards ethnic groups or is read/pronounced in a way that interrupts the flow of the game should be a good basis to stay clear of. There can't be a comprehensive list of this, as we'll always miss one. We'll simply tell you if we deem it unacceptable for Pluto. I do believe you are already on the wire for one of these. Inappropriate Name / Profile Picture: Anything deemed inappropriate by a Staff Member will not be tolerated. Please change either of those if a staff asks Anything that is NSFW (Not safe for work) Anything showing nudity or lewd Inappropriate names may be things like ‘ok, him, her, traitor, inno, innocent, detective, etc.’; anything that may interfere with the seamless flow of the game and make callouts confusing is not allowed Any links to inappropriate sites or images, advertisements for other servers or products, etc. If you'd like further clarification, feel free to pm me on discord @Sniperz (Lou)#8341
  2. T$E Sniperz`


    Sleeping, uni work and my girl, got most of my time right there
  3. Igdy Bibby ordered Hound to execute (Player 1).
  4. i was -1 till i got to this part...... god if there's a massive hound screeching at the top of his lungs I am down; ill give sound files too lmao.
  5. (Player 1) tripped & landed on (Player 2). Confused, (Player 2) confesses their love for (Player 1).
  6. Why cant we be polyamorous?
  7. Sniperz (Lou)#8341 let me slaughter everyone
  8. Starting off what I might agree with, but don't agree in the proposed form: >This wont fix a thing, it'll open up options to dual secondary runs with Deg & tec-9, and Deg & TMP. >Deg should always 1 shot head shot; its a rewarding weapon to get a head shot with, regardless of range. Being one shot happens and it's part of the game. >>knifes. >If there is a sniper rework it should just have a damage reduction based on CLOSE range, i.e if you're 5M from target, you'll do 40% less dmg, 10M - 30%, 15M-15% with the exception of head shots as those should instakill of course. Punishing the user for hitting close range body shots with intent to do 70+ dmg and finish them with a quick switch weapon, like the TMP, is what the rework should be. There will always be barrel-stuffers who go for the close range 1 shot head shot, regardless if they're deging or rifling. >IMO the scoped rifles create a forced tunnel vision, and you don't need to aim with them to hit shots. This being part of their balance it sounds like you're looking for a medium zoom with an unrestricted FoV & MORE power than regular snipers. To me this sounds like an overpowered weapon & complete outclassing of the regular snipers. >A shotgun with a TIGHT spread over long range sounds horrible. God SILENCE HERETIC. For what I agree with: -A scope-less DMR to bridge the AR's and snipers would be very nice. Impossible to one shot with, and on similar grounds to the auto snipers without scopes. -A pocket cannon with a long ass reload would be nice to fit a secondary, for those who don't like the deg, and want to shove a 12g down someone throat. Horrible accuracy and high damage could work well for it. -A revolver of any kind would be nice, fast firing and 50-60 or so head shot damage 6 round clip with a speed loader. ^^^^ With more content these will most likely come, and all the Devs are working hard for it ~Sniperz
  9. uhhhh gonna have to perma ban u now. sorry bashed, u can appeal this 1 hour ban at the fbi website where you'll be prompted to buy really good donuts.
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