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  1. Hey Mousey, I'd like to be upfront and apologize for making you feel this way, I will not dodge any accusations in this post and understand it was not my sole intent to drive you off. I was unfortunately not recording today and I've already shown proof of this as well as non-tampering to Hound so I cannot provide my raw side. For the first instance, Sneaky "handled" the report but used information I supplied him in staff chat, this was the following: Speed repeatedly called out Mousey as a T buddy, Speed was killed by Arson, and Arson killed Mousey-- within 1 minute of round start and 10 seconds between Speed and Mousey's death. The fault for this instance fell upon Speed, however as Arson was reported the report was finished without action. Mousey asked about this report twice on teen room, to which I replied twice that he reported the wrong person and gave him the name of the player. This was acknowledged by Mousey the second time I responded. I was waiting for a report to be created on Speed as a report that doesn't exist is the same as one that's been forgiven in my eyes; I also kept this option available up until the point Mousey left on ttt_christmastown, citing "no report = cant handle" in a PA. This was the first instance of Arson and Mousey. Continuing this point-- Arson was slain by me for accidental RDM during his playtime on teenroom, although I'm not certain if it was a report from Mousey so I won't make that claim. You are correct that the actions of Speed deserve a slap on the wrist similar to this situation but elevated, as it was your cause of death: https://pluto.gg/topic/175-player-complaintyuplolghosting/ I hope this clears up the first situation. Secondly, I remember off memory three instances on christmastown where Arson killed you and was reported one of which he was slain-- I cannot remember a fourth. Initially, Arson was detective and in a monkey-in-the-middle situation with the linear positioning being Eppen <- Arson <- Mousey. Eppen shot at Arson which Arson killed him for. After this from view of deathscene, Mousey shot towards Eppens body while Arson was still in his direct line of fire which prompted Arson to turn around immediately and kill Mousey. Taking it as Eppens was dead when the shot took place it was a grey area in terms of validity but I ruled it as accidental with valid reason from the shots. Next, Mousey and Arson were T buddies. I'll use a photo of the map with drawings to give context to positioning below. Arson(Blue) killed an innocent(Red) near left most trees. Arson retreated through trees following the yellow path and noticed the detective(Red) on roof looking across the map, vision shown with red dots. He was locked onto the Detective while reloading until he was under the roof and safe, upon which he turned to his left and shot Mousey(Green) right when he saw him without thinking or looking. This caused him to stop mid way though and realize his actions after it was too late and the DoT finished the job. He received a slay for this as it was evident it was an accident and not rightful in any form, just an action of panic and the first instance of it happening. I cannot remember the third instance move by move but this the report where I opened the chat with Mousey and Arson. To my memory it was a situation where Arson got hit/shot at by Mousey and Arson killed him for it, where the shot was crossfire from Mousey and had no intent for Arson. The report that was created was a keyboard mash from both sides and I opened a chat to join what I misunderstood as two people fucking around with a report. Mousey had at the end of the report exactly what he said above, if he is rdmed again by Arson without Arson receiving punishment he will be leaving. This is what minaly sparked the misunderstanding on my side as I had just slain Arson for killing Mousey as his T buddy a few rounds prior, so I took it as a joke. I messaged the following in the chat I opened: "yo arson" "do me a favor" "rdm mousey again" to which I closed the chat, as it had no purpose to the report and was just there to respond to the joke. Again, the sole reason behind this was my understanding that the only occurrence of RDM that happened was the t buddy incident and it was both sides just memeing about. I apologize if this made you feel unwelcomed, it was not my intention nor will it ever be. I should also add we are constantly looking into the toxicity present on Pluto and looking to filter it out, albeit slowly so there is chances for players to reform and dilute their actions. All the information in the report above is accurate and should be taken as such. Feel free to DM me at any point if you want to talk about this or voice your views about the reports further in privacy. I hope to see you again, ~Sniperz`
  2. my nitro sub turns into a sub to meepens onlyfans +1
  3. Hey Not so fortunate son, If you get the chance PM me on discord (Sniperz#8341) so I can see if I can help you.
  4. -1 block the anime trash from coming in pls
  5. r u trying to make froggy hose the server down in spawn
  6. Hey Ducky, I'm going to close this appeal here as you've now exceeded the deny threshold I had in mind. All the best. Ban Upheld Locked & Archived
  7. Hey Bashed, unfortunately I have no reason to revoke a ban verified by multiple parties, and originally denied by Meepen. Our sincerest apologies and all the best to you! Ban Upheld Locked & Archived
  8. Hey Ducky, I wholefully believe in second chances-- however the impact you had on the community leaves a great stain on your name. I'll leave this appeal for a while for the purpose to let the community decide if you deserve a second chance, the ones who faced the brunt of the toxicity. I welcome community input and comments on this, stating a reason behind a +1 or -1.
  9. Ban time corrected Given the situations presented, I have no reason to believe the multiple conflicting stories provided through discord, forums & direct messages. The ban time has been corrected to fit the offence. Player banned for 3 months following the report of 3 separate players found to be Purposeful Locked & Archived
  10. Hey @TimeSweat velk.ca I have a few questions for you before deciding on the state of your appeal, as there is quite alot of problems. Firstly, can you explain your actions reasoning for the first two perceived RDMs found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8B8wtcAYpP4&feature=youtu.be Secondly, for the event that followed this round, after the player voiced to report you for above-- could you explain your actions in the video to follow? https://youtu.be/DNcv05e_37w As you were reported by three separate players for Purposeful RDM, if you cannot offer reasoning behind these actions I will be correcting the time of the ban to reflect our procedure.
  11. Ban Upheld You're welcome to remake this appeal following the format required. Locked & Archived
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