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  1. Big Chungus Model. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1610287229&searchtext=big+chungus+model Do it. Or make him like a thing on the shoulder idk
  2. Wep Name: Hateful Plaything Model: Wep Trait: Goes into the Primary slot. Secondary Fire deals no damage, however it turns the victim's screen into various shades of pink, or distorts their viewing in some way. It also plays a childish laughter on their screen. This effect lasts for 10 seconds. When victims are in this state, the weapon dmg increases (you do dmg with the primary fire ofc). This effect can stack, however the secondary fire has twice as much recoil and half the rpm, making it much harder to get the shots. (Maybe also make the first shot do less dmg for balance idk) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wep Name: Triple Blades Model: Wep Trait: Goes into the Melee slot. Primary fire shoots 3 projectile knives that can bounce off surfaces, which can also deal dmg, but at a lower cost. Secondary fire is just a basic bitch slashy slash nothing special. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wep Name: Water Gun Model: Wep Trait: Goes into the Secondary slot. Doesn't deal much damage, however it pushes people with every shot, and when shot at the floor, makes the surrounding areas slippery for a short while. (If this isn't possible for whatever reason, make it so that it instead makes the players slippery for a short while when shot at them instead. If still not then f for my idea) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wep Name: Violince Model: Wep Trait: Goes into the Primary slot. Secondary fire changes the pitch of the notes that's really it for this one I just find this thing hilarious as hell. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wep Name: Dual-Purpose or 2 in 1 Model: Trait: This gun can slot into both the Primary and Secondary slots. If that is not possible then that idea is gone. The gun serves two purposes when in either slot. When in the primary slot, it has an increase in damage relative to the normal TMP, and increases with each kill (also maybe make it set the enemies on fire because haha dragon). When in the secondary slot, it would work similar to the Triple Barrel, that being it increases your speed or something similar. The damage would either be like a normal TMP or less of one, but it would have +10 mag size.
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