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  1. Froggy#4493 rig it for me thx
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    Vanished I-IV % - 1% to 8% This mod has the ability to make the person you killed disappear leaving nothing left. Blindness or Lights out I-III - 0.50% to 4%, 1 second to 3 seconds This mod has a chance when shooting a target to blind them for a few seconds. Launch I-II - 0.20% to 5% This mod has a small chance to launch your target flying in the direction you shoot them from Skin of steel I-III - 2% to 10% This mod has a chance to give you extra defence from damage after killing a correct target (for example) lowest 5% defence highest up to 20% defence Greedy boy I-V - 2% to 25% This mod gives you a better chance of dropping more drops on correct kills (unattainable on coined weapons) Tazer I-III - 3% to 15% Works a lot like a stun baton when hitting the target you stun them for a few seconds 1-3 secs mabye Magnet bullet I-II - 0.50%- 1.50% I’m not sure if this is possible to code but it’s for players who miss a lot and it auto hits the target you’re shooting with one bullet to the head Pk fire (or fire bolt) I-IV - 1% to 10% Fires out a single shoot of fire while firing your gun setting them on fire for a few seconds 1-3 seconds
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