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  1. A lot of these are one i had thought up and some people hadn't put a whole lot of detail in their posts to my last thread, and i thought i could help give some more options based on what the suggestion entailed, this was mostly to clean up the last inventory change post i had, and to explain some possible branches that could be taken, as this is meant to be for open discussion, (while I'm not code savy in lua, i had a small bit of coding history a few years back as one of my classes)
  2. Interesting changes to the server So the purpose of this post is to expand on some of the ideas that i have said in my previous post of inventory changes, and to expand on some of the ideas that have been said in the forum The ability to auto deconstruct items that the user may not want, options include but not limited to Rarity of item dropped, so say anything below the 4 mod weapons can be auto dismantled The option to choose Melee,Primary, Secondary ect, to be specifically dismantled A drop down list of weapons in each category so that you can refine which weapons you enjoy, and which you don't use anyway Saved Loadouts A simple drop down bar right above the character to choose loadouts so to minimize screen usage A level based system so that newer players don’t feel obliged to make a lot of sets, so at level 10 you get a few more loadouts, and every 10 levels or so you get a few more, which would help incentivize to play more often A better dismantling system The ability to highlight more than one item to dismantle A warning that would pop up when you attempt to dismantle an item of a higher rarity 4mod+, or rarer models Shards improvement Maybe turn them into a stackable item, but that would probably be harder, as i haven’t seen any stackable items in any TTT server i have played on yet If not stackable maybe give them a currency slot instead so as to reduce clutter And the ability to combine a lot of shards into a higher tiered shard, so maybe like 20 or 30 to 1 for the junk to vintage as we really don't have a use for vintage and junk tier shards after a little while when we no longer use 2-3 mod weapons Melee mods So for the most part to my understanding melee weapons don't have any additional modifiers that can be added to them using droplets (I might just be too new) Some mods may include, Speed (no more than what Monkey King gets) push delay (v would be an increase and I would be an increase), and push force A more intuitive trading tab So my problem with the trade tab, is it feels slightly clunky due to it require reopening the tab for a removed item to disappear(at least on my end) The tab feels disorganized when you are staring at the item you just placed in but still sits in your inventory due to only taking a copy of the image, maybe a way to make it so the trading tab acts like a storage slot when you put items in
  3. maybe even turn the shards into a currency slot, so that they dont have to do an unessary amount of extra work trying to make only 1 type of item stackable, also the ability to craft up lower tier shard evnetually into higher tier shards, like a 1 to 30 conversion rate for the vintage and junk, which will output a random 4 mod shard, then like a 1 to 20 conversion form uncommon, mystical ect, to a 5 mod shard that way the junk and vitage weapons still have a reason to be used in general as their pretty much wasted space one you get a decent 4 mod shard
  4. From the bottom of my heart, and i feel many would agree with this, before working on some new inventory updates or adding models or really anything else. Please spend just a few months and work on optimizing your files, as the servers have crashed multiple times when we get around 16 or so players running on it, and the Monkey round can cause a huge amount of lag when a lot of players are on due to the high amounts of bananas that spawn in, and that the maps tend to have the occasional item that spawns in a place that isn't accessible through normal strafing and jumping means I believe that we would all appreciate it before trying to cram more unique features in, that the server gets to a point where it stable with high volumes of people showing up, even if that means that the server needs to be down for a few days to properly fix and test the updates, i would prefer the server to be stable,
  5. so what i ment by 3, was that as a low level person on the server i got lucky and have 2 total pages for items, but i know there are people less fortunate than me in their early levels when getting coins, and a few of them i know tend to horde, so what i ment by mass dismantling is like the ability to highlight multiple weapon and ect, with a warning for the rarer levels of items when dismantling, that would allow you to drag 4 or 5 or more items into the trash spot sorry if that didnt clear it up or if it did, im not great at putting my thoughts into words
  6. i didnt know that i only had seen your post when i did a very brief look through the posts
  7. A few things that i think would be cool to have for inventory management would be The ability to auto deconstruct items that the user may not want such as a checklist of say Primary's, Secondaries, Grenades, choosable rarities, or even just a drop down list of weapons that a user can choose from for each category, or just keep it simple, with just certain rarities Multiple saved loadouts for swapping between sets, so that people can easily move to a more sniper oriented setup for those longer range maps, a meme outfit ect, which was previously posted before, link at the bottom, to clarify, not something you can swap during the round, but as a drop down bar right above your character that can have customized names, and maybe even level restricted for x amount of sets, like 1 or 2 at level 0-10, then you unlock a third, or more A more intuitive dismantling system where i can mass dismantle items if we cant auto destroy items, where i can chose to destroy them from the inbox area, and up to more than one at a time To have the main currency that are used to actively mod weapons as a sidebar in the main inventory next to your character The link to the previous post about loadouts,
  8. dragonscreed007#3992, My favorite moment, was early on i dropped so far what has been my favorite weapon, as a level 5 then dropped a Christmas Miku model in Red almost immeaditly after from a present, first time opening one, but if were talking gameplay, my favorite moment was playing in VA1, when i wiped out most of the server with a random gun the game gave me since i didnt have on at the time, wasnt very full either, but that was back in the beta days
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