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  3. Dog#6969 I am gay and so can you
  4. Dog

    dummy thicc

    Can I be dummy thicc too
  5. I am going to stone your entire family
  6. CS:GO Terrorist https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=600216671
  7. CSO2 - 707 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2005801637
  8. I like this but requiring 2,500,000 XP is kinda crazy, that would mean you'd have to spend about 1.5 thousand hours on the server to reach level 100. I have a formula with a similar progression that caps at 250,000 XP, something that is achievable with about 150 hours of playtime. You can see the numbers for how much XP each level would correspond to here: https://pastebin.com/b7D7sYui I think once you reach LVL 100 you should unlock one more mod slot on your gun. Alternatively once you reach LVL 100 you could be presented with the opportunity to "recraft" your gun, adding x amount of any currency type for a chance to get that currency specific trait on the gun. doing this could "prestige" the weapon, meaning after you level it up to 100 again you have the chance to "recraft" and add another currency mod again. Here is a real nice graph showing total XP to reach a level, and the total XP to reach that level from the previous level (aka to level up).
  9. This 1000x this. I cannot tell you how many times I have had someone join the server, ask how the inventory works, and leave the next round after playing with an empty inventory. Starting an inventory server with zero guns is a turn off to a large audience. I have started giving away common guns and some shards to newbies, but this should be something all players are greeted with on their first time joining. The premise of "you need to play x hours before you can pick your weapons" is not a welcoming one to a lot of new players.
  10. (Player 1) tried inventing the airplane before the Wright Brothers. (Player 1) has committed oopsie woopsie. (Player 2) wiped the floor with (Player 1). (Player 2) deal it and (Player 2) smell it. (Player 1) played themselves. (Player 1) forgot to check themselves before they wrecked themselves. (Player 1) committed toaster bath. (Player 2) juan Deag'ed (Player 1). Hound didn't like how (Player 1) was looking at him. (Player 1) is bad at timing blink. (Player 1) told the server not to kill them so they could get the coin.
  11. Dog#6969 Lemme win bc I have the funny discord number thanks
  12. Dog


    Studying Chinese is pretty neat I like it. 它使我的pp更大. 3D printing is also a fun thing I do, lmk if yall need anything 3D printed. I run a print farm of 26 3D printers, some high detail ones, and some thicc bois with 8 cubic feet of build volume.
  13. Dog


    Thorn I-III Reflect x% of damage taken back on to attacker.
  14. Yeah haha welcome back brotha
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