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  1. Thixx (Meme Machine)#4104 My favorite moment in Pluto.gg, would probably be discovering it! Ive had more fun on Pluto than any other TTT server, Moat was just a shit show, Velkon is Moat, and FRG is for mathematicians, that shit is so complicated. I used to play Pluto a little bit back when it first came out, and it was very fun and interesting, but i wasn't big on the dmg. Way lower than moats and basically moat body damage was Pluto head shot damage, but you learn to realize...its way better. Moat be like: Hey! check out my 78 damage body AK! wait, where did it go? oh another wipe, that's cool. I just wanna thank Meepen for Pluto, and YaBoiNathan for hosting the giveaway! I'm not writing this to win, i writing this to show my appreciation. Thank you!
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