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  1. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Pluto.gg's Discord server is currently undergoing remodeling and renovations, as we see a couple of channels disappear. Yet, with such complications in the Discord server at the moment, I have noticed, as well as a group of people, the current debate going on with the new channel "meme-channel," and to my knowledge, was changed to "pluto-landfill" before reverting back to its original name. This debate has been going from warm to hot sporadically throughout the past couple of days. I'm here to not only provide my own input but to also encourage and help y'all out with this dilemma starting to get out of hand. I'll try not to be biased, but do know, some of these facts or suggestions may seem biased due to the fact I have been quite the member and shitposter there... I'll try to make this quick. I won't include personal matters, because I'm trying to make this as relevant as possible for the overall majority. I have noticed and agreed with quite a number of people that our current 'guidelines' set in place for the new channel are either really limited, vague, and/or not polished enough. Here's what it says entirely: Shitpost: Something that appeals to a minority of the population, more akin to inside jokes Meme: Something widely seen as funny by the majority, everyone at least gets it Now with the context of the Discord Channel "No Shitposts," you can see the current attempt to help moderate the discord channel to a more pg-13 environment. The problems people have been saying, implying, or agreeing with are as follows: - That is not the definition of a shitpost - There is no real clear line between a shitpost and meme (it's very subjective) - It was said this was to stop cropped p*rn, c*m, etc. That is not the definition of a shitpost, which means you're limiting things not related to it. - Memes also fit the stated definition of a shitpost, in which people's messages have been deleted because of that. - The "shitposts" are deleted without any sort of explanation. This means people not only can keep posting the "shitposts" not realizing their doing anything wrong, but also puts people in the jail (muted area), meaning they've now had a target on their back for being banned. - There are other minor ones, such as the appearance that the current moderator is deleting things that they seem "unfunny," and not that it's cropped p*rn or such. Now to help add more context to that list, here is a description of some memes that were deleted (with no warning) because it was a "shitpost" - A cursed image of an early armored car https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/751284870344474655/762177663615893524/565391ab96b0e459c70391301c4e948e.jpg - A GIF of a streamer eating a chip and liking it (it's as simple as it sounds) https://gyazo.com/89d449eab81fd9130b237de8383401ea - An emoji gif of Wierdchamp (I think?) shaking his head [at a previous meme being deleted] (it's also a server emoji, and yes, it's as simple as it sounds)https://tenor.com/view/weirdchamping-weirdchamp-twitch-meme-ryan-gutierrez-gif-17202815 - A funni skeleton dance (he may have deleted bc it was posted a day before, but I currently have no such explanation posted by them due to the lack of any sort of response besides "no shitposts") https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/762173482284220417/762176843527880754/image0.gif & Sum more (of course). I understand there were a few that should be deleted, obviously, such as two females wearing the bare minimum then being tricked in the video with a man laughing at the viewer. But, if you look at what should be deleted and what was, you'd see at least a 3:1 ratio at harmless/not breaking the rules posts being deleted against ones that could arguably be breaking the rules/Discord's ToS. Other points: - The majority of active people in the meme channels are complaining of the moderation actions. - I am not perfect. I myself admittedly post shitposts and not so pg-13 memes (edgy stuff). - I am purposefully not saying people's names because I am not a b*tch, throwing people out the bus to be harassed or anything. I'm not that much of a c*nt. - I have spoken to people about this discussion. Asking/receiving their thoughts and own personal memes and shitposts being deleted. This problem may seem out of proportion, but I bring this up because this has been boiling up since this past couple of days, and seemingly the matter of my own opinion. Trust me, I would rather do this on Discord but I was told to do it here so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Please note I still love the server, the people, and of course, the memes. If you have any sort of question or complaint (which I suspect are coming anyways) just give me a dm or something idfk at this point. :^)
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