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  1. I broke my middle toe thanks obama

  2. Can I pay froggy to play for me
  3. Gmod more like gbad

  4. Bro my valentine is my left foot


    Always served me well in the sheets

  5. I wasnt asking u monkey
  6. 1. Deagle doesnt 2 tap, maybe can 3 tap if you're lucky. Nobody wants all DOTs on a deagle to make it 2 tap because reloading, cycle, and rejuv are a million times better 2. You under estimate how many people use snipers or dmrs as their primary 3. I see more Tec-9s and TMPs than deagles 4. Switch time wouldnt nerf anything as most deagle users use it as a primary and their primary as the backup 5. The RPM is hella slow the only reason the deagle is good is because people can hit their shots 6. See 4 why 6 bullets wouldnt work, most people reload after each shot In conclusion, git gud :kappa:
  7. Good meme The deagle is a slow firing high damage gun if it doesnt one tap head then itll be more useless than the p228 (git gud) I agree with the famas part thatd be cool but idk about adding more dmrs/snipers
  8. Meepen is working on that for the next crafting update
  9. https://pluto.gg/topic/60-plutogg-hunger-games-giveaway/ 24 tributes 24 winners, tributes will be drawn on Feb 8th, enter by commenting with your discord ID (Ex: YaBoiNathan#8008) May the odds be ever in your favor :aechat_pepedance: 

    Suggest special events for the giveaway here:

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    2. easte


      hey BB can you make the google doc public?

    3. YaBoiNathan


      ur looking at the wrong one kek click the first link i dont wanna edit it


    4. easte


      oh nvm does not matter did not get chosen anyway 

  10. For special events- (Player 1) Kisses (Player 2) Hound didn't like how (Player 1) was looking at him (Player 1) beat Mac in an all in gamble and won an Over-Worldly H.U.G.E shack one too but already in the games
  11. Selling feet pics for 10 droplets a piece

  12. The site wants the format and john is too lazy to type
  13. Me and 12 have been married since September 23rd, 2018
  14. So we want our hunger games to be cool so john had the idea to have u guys make special events Ex: (player 1) rdms (player 2) Please keep it to 1 or 2 people dying and your suggestions will most likely be in the giveaway event USE THE PROPER FORMAT OR ELSE SLUTS 1 person events are okay too so that's epic Thank u guys
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