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Status Updates posted by YaBoiNathan

  1. Im leaving pluto to be a pro Tomb Raider player

  2. Aaaawubadugh

  3. I've seen things that I wasnt supposed to see now theres men in black suits following me

  4. So basically, I'm Nathan

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    2. YaBoiNathan


      No you're not.

    3. Dog


      Ban this man for doxing

    4. YaBoiNathan


      You can try but I'll find where u live 

  5. No its 727 AM smh my head

  6. Do not kill nathan

  7. Large pp in my mouth large pp in my mouth large pp in my mouth

    1. YaBoiNathan


      Wait fuck not my profile but statement stands

  8. I broke my middle toe thanks obama

    1. YaBoiGabriel


      Well done bruh

  9. Gmod more like gbad

  10. Bro my valentine is my left foot


    Always served me well in the sheets

  11. https://pluto.gg/topic/60-plutogg-hunger-games-giveaway/ 24 tributes 24 winners, tributes will be drawn on Feb 8th, enter by commenting with your discord ID (Ex: YaBoiNathan#8008) May the odds be ever in your favor :aechat_pepedance: 

    Suggest special events for the giveaway here:

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    2. east


      hey BB can you make the google doc public?

    3. YaBoiNathan


      ur looking at the wrong one kek click the first link i dont wanna edit it


    4. east


      oh nvm does not matter did not get chosen anyway 

  12. Selling feet pics for 10 droplets a piece

  13. Dont worry new hard drive on tuesday so giveaway still good


    Go advertise it btw

  14. Hard drive be like: broke noises

  15. Wiping laptop rn, gotta redownload like 300 gbs worth of shit then the list of weapons will be up


    Might get the list up before depends on if Froggy gives me a kiss

  16. https://pluto.gg/topic/60-plutogg-hunger-games-giveaway/ big boy giveaway with chance of winning 2 overworldlies

  17. This could be me n u but u don't stop playing


  18. First person to spam fosso's discord pms with 100 messages gets absolutely nothing

    1. east


      clown emoji

    2. T$E Sniperz`

      T$E Sniperz`

      clown but im still gonna do it

      and count out each one

    3. YaBoiNathan


      This is so epic can we please hit 6 infants

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