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  1. Large pp in my mouth large pp in my mouth large pp in my mouth

    1. YaBoiNathan


      Wait fuck not my profile but statement stands

  2. I broke my middle toe thanks obama

  3. Can I pay froggy to play for me
  4. Gmod more like gbad

  5. Bro my valentine is my left foot


    Always served me well in the sheets

  6. I wasnt asking u monkey
  7. 1. Deagle doesnt 2 tap, maybe can 3 tap if you're lucky. Nobody wants all DOTs on a deagle to make it 2 tap because reloading, cycle, and rejuv are a million times better 2. You under estimate how many people use snipers or dmrs as their primary 3. I see more Tec-9s and TMPs than deagles 4. Switch time wouldnt nerf anything as most deagle users use it as a primary and their primary as the backup 5. The RPM is hella slow the only reason the deagle is good is because people can hit their shots 6. See 4 why 6 bullets wouldnt work, most people reload after each shot In conclusion, git gud :kappa:
  8. Good meme The deagle is a slow firing high damage gun if it doesnt one tap head then itll be more useless than the p228 (git gud) I agree with the famas part thatd be cool but idk about adding more dmrs/snipers
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