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  1. Yes, it is HORRIBLE! We should NEVER add a lewd 14 year old furry to the server! Anyways, when's the model coming?
  2. gmod itself doesn't have a particle system, source does and in terms of that it is actually fairly decent. if you've every played hl2 or used the pulse rifle in sandbox mode on gmod you'll see what effect im referring to
  3. Something that has always bugged me about TTT is how the way the player dies is always the same - regardless of how they die. You get burned to death? Your body drops to the floor without a mark on it. You get stabbed by a light sabre? Your body gets thrown to the ground; without a mark on it. I think it'd be fairly cool if there were unique effects for when someone died. For example, when someone is killed by the Laser Rifle (Don't remember exact name) they have the same death effect as being killed by an AR2 energy ball (Pulse Rifle alt attack in HL2), or when being killed by fire or an explosion your corpse stays on fire for a short while after and your body is charred and covered in ash.
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