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  1. ive never got so much negative rep so fast before lmao

  2. Corrin FE https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=886721870
  3. Robin FE https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1237106138
  4. Pokemon Trainer Hilda https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=419386615
  5. Pokemon Trainer Rosa https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=322915268
  6. Alice: Maddness https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1276285512&searchtext=alice+model
  7. you use the format p1 is less work than player
  8. (P1) didn't place the teleporter right and went off the cliff
  9. 王Phantom王


    Friends and girlfriends kinda cool I guess
  10. Losing a coin is like losing Phrot's mp5 because of a tome

  11. I can't read color Cycle is good as is, snipers that shoot a lot faster would just make them deags with a scope Crippling I would like a buff tho I don't see the use of it Flame just feels useless compared to the other dots P90 mag nerf would be nice and instead of rpm we change some of the DMG numbers
  12. It's already a good ar I think that should be saved for a unique Cough coined Lancer cough
  13. These talents be from a rare drop to not make them to common This is just me saying whatever comes to my mind so if it does sound crazy it prob is just me saying it to say it Sym You can set a waypoint and it last x amount of second you may teleport to the waypoint within the time once and the cool down be like a min Flashback (Active the ability by holding r or something) you can take x amount of damage before you are teleport back to the actived spot. But if you don't take the x amount of DMG you will not teleport back and stay where you currently are (Non rare drops) Thermal Aiming down sights will let you see other players like a thermal scope B Hopper Shooting someone has a x chance to make them jump. Silence Silence shots DNA scrambler Killing someone won't leave DNA Phase X chance when shot at to go transparent and not take damage ( like reaper from ow) Molotov or Smoke Holding are R makes your next bullet shoot a Molotov Dummy Like the halo clone ability Double tap X chance to shoot 2 bullets ( prob will be calculated with the rpm of the gun) Gun game After getting a kill switch to a random weapon ( maybe for event time only weapons) Tag Hold R to activate the ability. Next bullet you shoot will tag the target and you can switch places with then once per round can't be used on the same target from last round Drowsy Makes the player you are shooting at screen blurry Stun lock Shooting someone has a x chance to make them stand still only allowing them to shoot Electric Like Tesla but if they are in water it will do increased DMG Slug X amount chance to proc but if proc you do increased DMG by x amount Zoom Aim down sight will increase further by x amount Rest Standing still will regenerate health for x amount but you have to stand still for x amount Ammo here Standing still will generate ammo Spider senses The border of your screen will go red when someone been look at you for x amount of seconds Run and gun Moving and shooting accuracy will be better per bullet hit until reload Disintegrate Killing someone has x chance to make there body burn up and un identifiable Bottemless mag Hold r to active the ability letting you shot as much as you want for x second. (Multiple by mag and the lower the mag gets the less DMG per shot) Body less Hold r to activate the ability. When you are about to die and active the ability ( in a x amount of second when actived) you will drop a undi body of urs that says fake or something and you will go invisible living on x amount of health X - element (Element) ball that shoot out of your gun and does that certain dot DMG ect. Burn, bleed, or poison Dual Duel will guns DMG and mag will be decreased by x amount and x amount of fire rate will increase Highlight Holding this weapon will highlight headshot hit boxes Necro ( rare) Hold R on a unid / I'd body will consume the body and restore you x amount of health Jesus MC client hacker Hold r will TOGGLE a ability that let's you walk on water and If you go down in the water and active it will push u back up Penny X chance to get extra drop from a kill ( like times version / mutated version of coin) Armor here Getting a kill reduces x amount of DMG for x amount for time Hello listen Holding this gun will summon a orb (Navi) that will buff you randomly when shooting Transform (event) Can switch between 2 different gun types Zone Holding R will activate a circle that gives buffs and can differ from the type of zone ( atk speed movement buff ect ect) All or nothing Holding r will active this ability. You will offer x amount of life for x amount of DMG speed attack increase why in this mode no healing will work on you before or after Teleport After x amount of seconds you get a blink charge that has limited amount of range Contract On your t round or ino round you can make a contract with another player allowing you to know there location and if shooting at the same target you get increased DMG but if 1 of the contracted party dies the other one dies ( prob hold r to active and other party pushes e on you) Trap Hold r to active this ability. Placing a clone of you in the same position you are looking at if shot at the clone will become a unid body Jump shot Shooting in air will do more DMG longer in air more DMG by x percent Fov slider Shooting someone will randomly change there fov ( reset back to default on next round) Soul collection Killing someone will drop there soul (bright orb I guess) pushing e or running over it will give you health and ammo back for x amount Grim reaper Getting souls from kills will stack and give buffs per kill 1 : movemmovement speed buff x ect ect ect Gluttony Holding r over a body will consume the body giving random buffs
  14. Phantom After getting a kill your name and model are disguised for x amount of seconds
  15. Addy Getting a kill will give x amount of speed for x amount of seconds
  16. Handle After getting a kill switching weapons will be faster
  17. @Phrot those 2 weeks flew by fast
  18. Meep already said something like this will be in added
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