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  1. Spacesuit Model https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=105069712
  2. Every day, I see players ask one another if they can test weapon damage due to the fact that there is no official way to actually check the total damage. With this project, my goal is to reduce the amount of times that this happens. Simply input the values that the calculator requests, and you shall have your actual damage. The calculator takes DOTs and Strength into consideration, as well as Cycle for DPS. THE CALCULATOR MAY OR MAY NOT BE BROKEN; I AM NO LONGER GOING TO UPDATE THIS The calculator can be found here: https://api.ucalc.pro/api/261952 Thanks to Meepen, Todd the Turtle Terrorist, and Refreshing FIrecum for the help.
  3. Didn't like the formatting so I decided to redo it all. Also moved the crafting guide here as it doesn't really make much sense to have a completely different post for it.
  4. I strugged to think of something for level 100, I might decide to change it if I think of something better.
  5. As of now, EXP does not have an actual use other than showing how much a weapon has been used. EXP to Level Up Total, not per level. I've created a small spreadsheet to show how much EXP each level will require. Level 100 will be displayed as MAX rather than as "Level 100." The EXP values in the later levels are very high as it should not be easy to reach max level. May decide to adjust it it's much too high, however. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1L0z9PCCiYnW5ZIPasx5Qleo-GyVqKQ4yoLVC035aWq4/edit?usp=sharing Level Rewards Level 10: Weapon name change. Every two levels after level 10 would allow for another name change. They would not stack. Level 25: Weapon name color change. Can change it whenever you want afterward. Level 50: Weapon name effect (e.g. lightning, rainbow, sparkling, etc). Level 100: Weapon becomes personalized (Coined Deagle --> Eppen's Coined Deagle). Can be disabled. Also adds a (MAX) tag to the right of the weapon's name which can also be disabled.
  6. The guide has been moved. The new guide may be viewed here: https://pluto.fandom.com/wiki/Guide:Getting_started
  7. I intend on making more guides than just the crafting guide in the future, and having a subform specifically for them could encorage more people to make some in the future, as well as provide a way for users to easily find a guide that they're looking for.
  8. Added a newbie and advanced crafting guide, as well as some crafting Q&A.
  9. The guide has been moved. View the new guide here: https://pluto.fandom.com/wiki/Crafting
  10. Edited the tier list to include the Steyr AUG and Dual Berettas.
  11. Shout out to nathan for having the lowest karma on the forums.

  12. My tier lists: I will fight you if you put Miku in anything except for F.
  13. Weapons: https://tiermaker.com/create/weapons-of-plutogg-247484 Models: https://tiermaker.com/create/plutogg-models-247484 Post your tier lists below.
  14. Eppen


    Professional I - V After a righteous kill, there is a X% chance to not leave behind DNA.
  15. Changed the text color to make it more readable.
  16. Eppen


    Refill I - III Each second, gain X ammo. Only works when you are currently holding the weapon.
  17. Oh god, please no toysoldiers. That map is absolutely massive and an eyesore, and, from my past experiences, causes my game to crash 25% of the time.
  18. This post will only contain nerfs/buffs for things that I have personally faced in the past; there are most likely other items that should be changed that will not be listed here. I may update this post with some more suggestions if I can think of some. Buff | Nerf | Neutral (nerf & buff) Weapons P90 I currently use the P90 as my main weapon, and, from experience, I can say that it is extremely broken. Players die within half a second of shooting them (even with bad modifiers, they're still VERY effective). To fix P90s, I suggest changing the MAG from 60 to 50 and lowering the base RPM from 800 to 750. Modifiers Flame Modifiers should be something that players desire on their weapons; not try to avoid at all costs. Rather than taking away the full percent of your damage and not adding anything (if indoors), what if Flame still did damage inside, but not the full percent that it states on the weapon? (e.g. a weapon that has a 25% flame would take away 10% of your damage in doors and not add anything instead of just taking away all 25% and not adding anything) Crippling Once again, modifiers shouldn't be avoided at all costs. Crippling is currently scaled based upon RPM, which should still be a thing, however the scaling is too drastic. For weapons such as SMGs, Crippling can have less than 3% chance of occuring, which is way too low. Even if Crippling manages to occur, it's hardly notticable either, as either the innocent or the traitor will be dead before you realize what happened. Cycle Cycle is an extremely powerful modifier on SMGs, but mediocre on weapons such as Rifles. What if, similar to Crippling, Cycle scaled based upon the weapon's RPM? Of course, the scaling wouldn't be as drastic as Crippling's percentages, but there would still be some scaling.
  19. Eppen


    Miner I - III After a righteous kill, there is a X% chance to gain a credit. Traitor/detective credits, to clarify.
  20. Eppen


    Mute I - V Each shot has a X% chance to prevent enemies from using radio commands for X seconds.
  21. Eppen


    Battle Hardened I - III After a righteous kill, RPM is decreased by X% and damage is increased by X%. Has a cap of 3(?) kills.
  22. Eppen


    X-Ray I - V After a righteous kill, highlight all players within a X meter radius for X seconds.
  23. Eppen


    Thief I - V This gun has a X% chance to steal a bullet from an enemy's MAG and transfer it to yours.
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