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  1. Recently there's been heavy debate about my discovery of being an Annoying Citrus connoisseur. I do although wonder why this has come down to it either being loved by the crowd or hated on by the roamers. Such things like being muted for sharing my story has become a regular occasion and is Frankly(Get it cause my name is Frank), very very upset. I do ponder in my thoughts why people hate it. It's truly a story worth your time and I would happily re-tell the tale. *Scene opens* Orange(Annoying Citrus): Hey, Apple! Apple(Apple): HUH???? Orange(Annoying Citrus): KNIFE!!!! Narrator(2):Now before this scene continues if you are of faint heart or have a fear of detailed gore please be cautious. Narrator(1): Now as Orange and his comical genius threw those beautiful words like a painter throws his expensive oil paint on a blank canvas, those words struck into the future like a fortune teller. Narrator(2): After Orange said "KNIFE!!!!!" a giant kitchen knife came soaring down like a phoenix in his own ashes, slicing the Apple in half completely. Orange(Annoying Citrus): Heyyyy I'm bored of math does this thing play Fortnite????
  2. Frank(WesternJesus)#1979 Poggers
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