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  1. We already did put in time, effort and currency, and now they are a lot worse than new guns that would be made.
  2. This is so that the new owner of a gun may choose their own constellations. Example: A has Gold and Demonic selected with Ice and Wall Peirce. They trade and the selections are reset, eiuther voiding or refunding the XP, the new owner, B, can now select their own constellations, say Gold and Wall Peirce this time. Optionally, an option to reset for stardust, costing 500-1000 to reset the perks to default. As a bonus, perhaps the ability to RE-ROLL constellations for 1000-2000 stardust.
  3. Old coined guns should be allowed to update to new coined if they are not tomed. Old coined guns are strictly worse than new coined guns, and tomed guns are effectively unchanged. For example, an old coined gun with 6 mods goes from 72%>60% while an effectively 8 mod tomed goes from 96%>80% which i may add is STILL MORE THAN A NEW COINED 6 MOD (78%).I spent my entire time on this server making these guns just for them to become worthless because they arent new coined. A LOT of people spent a LOT of time on the server and all THEIR guns are now worthless because new coined. When the server originally nerfed coined, they nerfed ALL guns, not just NEW guns, so why buff NEW guns and nerf OLD guns?
  4. Basically, my idea is something that takes a gun and does something a tome can do and do it predictably, changes the type of gun it used on. This should be in such a way that Assaults can only become Assaults, Hybrids only to Hybrids, etc, for some semblance of an idea of what you'll get They should probably be slightly more rare than a coin, for balance purposes. So for example, using it on an AUG could turn it into an M4A1.
  5. Description: Changes the color of a crafted weapons icon Rarity: Simi uncommon, less than a coin Lore: "... and their imagination became reality" Why its good for the game: Haha cosmetics go brrr.
  6. I literally made my own model for this thread, I hope people accept it.... Suggested Name: Festive Len Kagamine Model Workshop link:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2307462862 Images:
  7. My fav pluto moment is when I dropped my first OW, the feeling of finally having something nice was great. V2_Len_Kagamine#0002 Also when everyone downvoted me and called me a weeb for wanting a Len Kagamine model but miku is fine
  8. Date of Occurrence: Today, 4/4/2020 Which map did this occur on: Christmas Town Offender Name:Officer Buddycat Offender SteamID:https://steamcommunity.com/id/OfficerBuddycat/ Offender DiscordID: BreadRat#5499 Your Name: Len Kagamine Your DiscordID: V2_Len_Kagamine#0002 Please describe the situation in as much detail as possible: Officer decided to harrass me about my inteligence and traits because I have a grudge with osiris about a disagreement. This is the end of it, but he had done it for a solid 2 minutes before clip in similar fashion continually calling me autistic and stating I had traits relivent to the condition. Im ok with the occasional insult, but for like 3 minutes nonstop im not ok with. Confirmed Witness(es):All in clip, YaboiNathan Evidence:https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/634984247798661130/696088943422079047/No.mp4 Additional Information Normally I wouldnt mind but seriously, Thats above and beyond
  9. Name: Len Kagamine Link:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=904219732&searchtext=Len+Kagamine WEEB ARMY ACTIVATE
  10. Ever thought- "Man, the lancer is kind of a bad gun, maybe it should have a working chainsaw." I did. I think this would be great.
  11. For those who really want EVERY last drop on the map, I suggest the beacon perk, giving a beacon telling them where the.... Idea1: Nearest drop to them is within a randomized unit distance. Idea2: All drops on the map within a randomized unit distance, with the highest tier being map-wide. Said perk would have different colored beacons based on the drop, blue for droplets, Gold for coins... etc. Also please increase coin drop rate and always alert player of rare drops on map thx meep.
  12. We got Miku. Now lets get len. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=904219732&searchtext=Len+Kagamine AnImE iS bAd
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