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  1. RyanN STEAM_0:0:440166270 v1ncent#3915 US east 16 yes been playing for about one year and 10 months if not more been playing for about 1 or 2 months i would say maybe longer Yes, i used to moderate on other ttt servers, discord servers and even twitch. i would say about 2 years I think that i would be a good fit for this community because i have experience not only in TTT but Gmod as a hole. I know most of the rules and will learn quickly, and i also try to go easy on some people if they didn't know but if something is purposeful then i will do my job. I'm also a chill guy in my opinion so i think that alot of people will appreciate me. In my opinion i would good for such a new and good community, alot of the mods know me. Sincerely RyanN
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