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  1. I agree with Todd, one of the problems with moat was the amount of lvl 1's getting perma banned for not knowing how to play the game. In my opinion, there shoudlnt be a perma ban, except for hacking and ghosting. Although most people who have gotten banned for ghosting have been people who have accidentally admitted who their t buddies were because they got mad for one reason or another. No one really wants trigger happy moderators anyway.
  2. Make the word "Traitor" and "Kos" appear red in chat EXAMPLES: "Somebodies name is a Traitor!" Kos renzopixel! Make "Inno" "Innocent" and "Proven" appear green in chat EXAMPLES: "Im inno dont shoot me!" "Im proven i killed a T! "Someones name is proven!" Make the word "Suspicious" and "Sus" appear yellow in chat these will help with callouts and stuff
  3. [Staff Complaint][SNEAKY][RDM slay] Sneaky;s name has weird characters in it. happened Monday, April 6, 2020 around 3pm Staff Member's Name (Sηεαкү Staff Member's SteamID (STEAM_0:0:419473092 1:07:35) Your Name (Renzopixel3) Your DiscordID (RenzoPixel3#5762) Please describe the situation in as much detail as possible this traitor named Fluffy The Fairy King oshoots at me from behind with a DEAGLE(a semi auto weapon) he misses, I then turn around and spray him down with my dualies. He ends up killing me with his deagle. Fluffy ends up reporting me for rdm since I never saw him shoot at me. I am then slayed by sneaky for kos off sound. I asked sneaky and he said this counts as an rdm offense. I then get into argument in chat about whether or not it was actually off location. This guy (i cant remember his name) argued that since he never actually shot me and hit (before I turned around and shot him) that it was off sound. We continue to argue and I make this point: If fluffy shot an automatic weapon at me and hit me, it wouldve been rightous of me to turn aroudn and kill him ( he was a traitor). But since it was a semi auto weapon and he missed, me turning around and shooting him wouldve been off sound. In my defense, I heard a deagle shot, and turned around to see fluffy holding a deagle, he was the only person who couldve shot at me .In fluffies defense, I never actually saw him shoot AT me before i turned around. I have video proof showing this Confirmed Witness(es) (Fluffy The Fairy King) The victim of my "rdm" Evidence https://drive.google.com/open?id=12wDtYf22qmeYgamBPwsnqpD2d1bOKCEO How do you believe we can fix this (I want an rdm offense taken away) Additional Information (If applicable; not required) >
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