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  1. Goodbye...

    1. Topz


      I'm gonna miss you Kaktus you were the real reason why I stayed for my return in Pluto. I will cherish every moment we had even the moment we got banned. You are the MVP to me in Pluto. I just wanted to say thank you and Dm me in discord when you are bored ❤️ Ily JackShmoneyBean

    2. Speed


      Me knowing you with all my knowledge, I cannot handle this man. 😞 I do not wanna become a solo player again because of this. Gmod was what kept us all having fun and playing games but shit, I know this is gonna make us distant. I am still going to enjoy talking to you in VC's but shit, not playing games with you does not sit right with me. But for now, keep focused on school like U have always told me to do and stay Kaktus. ❤️ 

    3. Nordic


      Kaktus, i do not agree with your actions.

      I like you as a person and all, a great person and genually quite well liked in the community, i hope that you will rethink your decision and maybe return.


      All the love - Nordic

  2. 9) 13) 14) I am not a donator because i 1. can physically not donate otherwise i would donate 100€ and 2. I'm not gonna donate 3 cents for the role Kaktus#1337
  3. Suggested name: Halloween King Workshop / Download link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=242707219 Image(s):
  4. Disclaimer: All of the following ideas are discord messages i just copy pasted which is the reason why some of this phrasing might sound brainded Credit for many of these ideas goes to @Speed - Either guns of people's inventories spawning on maps instead of only regular floor weapons if thats possible or floor weapons being able to have implicits - private messaging ingame (!pm) - (This was already recommended once i think but idk if anyone saw it) A chance of either getting currency that was used in a craft back (low chance only if the craft is actually e.g. coined) or being able to get the shard the craft picked the mod count from back by deconing said gun (the higher the rarity of the shard the lower the odds) - Maybe some sort of different skins for guns, guns with a certain amount of XP or mods could look different/ special - A currency that can change the background color of a gun - (planned) A feature to votekick so you doesnt need staff everytime to get rid of annoying children disobeying the rules at least temporarily - More fun guns like big glock :) (propably in the works) - (Planned for a long time) Maybe add more like customizable features to the HUD of the inventory and settings like an interchangeable theme like clear, light, dark, special theme; add more things that you can do in the crosshairs settings so you could have like a dot crosshair with a hole in it (this is just fancy stuff not necessarily needed to improve pluto) - Limeinade: A tutorial/ rules page for new players, it would be in the F1 menu and would be forced onto people who join for the first time (many people leave because pluto can be confusing without a good guide they have immediate access to) - another god idea from Speed and me: Monthly quests that are finished by playing/ finishing dailies (e.g. Finish 20 daily quests) and the reward could be maybe a unique cosmetic, a special/unique item/gun or a good rare currency or maybe u just have to get a certain amount of kills per day to advance in the monthly for 1 point out of idk 30 i guess Quests - maybe the cemented reward should be changed because legit everything other than a 4 mod with hearted is decon - you shouldnt be able to get the inevitable quest with like less than 8 people on - also we do need more diverse hourlies, dailies and weeklies - one cool weekly could be "pick up x amount of currency" and get a coin as reward, x being a stupid high amount so it should have a big impact on coin prices while everyone wants them rn also being a weekly that you might complete maybe twice a month it shouldnt be too much of a big deal - another good idea from Speed: Monthly quests that are finished by playing/ finishing dailies (e.g. Finish 20 daily quests) and the reward could be maybe a unique cosmetic, a special/unique item/gun or a good rare currency or maybe u just have to get a certain amount of kills per day to advance in the monthly for 1 point out of idk 30 i guess ^could ofc also be weekly instead of monthly with totally different numbers Thanks.
  5. Suggested name: Atalanta Model Workshop / Download link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2074005931 Image(s):
  6. Suggested name: Aqua Model Workshop / Download link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2070868396 Image(s):
  7. Date of Occurrence 05/16/2020 Which map did this occur on: ttt_crummycradle_A4 Offender Name: :wheelchair:abc Offender SteamID: STEAM_0:1:67853406 Offender DiscordID: greg#2132 Your Name: Kaktus Your DiscordID: Kaktus#0001 Please describe the situation in as much detail as possible: So, all this happened in the timespan of just a couple hours (I have never ever met abc before these incidents). I was just playing, as usual, when abc for whatever reason (maybe saltiness or a bad day) kinda stood out by starting to be generally toxic (especially against me). He kept being offensive/passive aggressive in voice chat (-> no chat logs evidence) for quite a long while and was especially mad at me because he simply didn't like my playstyle and the gun i was using. Then on crummycradle after killing him on his T round he snapped and inaudubly (because he was very quiet for me) told me to kill myself twice, paused for a bit and then (audibly) told me to hang myself a third time. AstMaBoI is a witness, the 2nd video contains AstMaBoI confirming what abc said in the first video. The 3 pictures of the discord #reeeeeee-room show abc himself confirming what he said. Yes in the discord chat he was also pretty offensive but that origined from him being falsely banned for (from my perspective) attempted purp rdm on me which actually turned out to only be T-Baiting which still does add onto the report (3rd evidence video). This happened (I think) 2 maps after the first incident. Confirmed Witness(es): AstMaBoI (him telling me to kill myself) and Dick Kicken (discord drama because of his ban) Additional Information: I don't know what exact punishment this will cause for abc (if any) but I kinda think he might have had a very bad day since multiple friends of him claimed he's usually a pretty chill guy that normally obeys and respects all rules on a server so imo if this report would be able to cause a perma ban i would like him to have a second chance with a milder punishment (if possible). Normally i wouldn't care about anyone telling me what he did but he's been so extremely toxic and annoying that I decided to create this report. Evidence: 1st Video: 2nd Video: 3rd Video: 3 Screenshots:
  8. Kaktus#0001 I have spent a collective +- 40k in mixed for a glow in the dark rainbow dildo and now i am broke
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