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  1. Username: /SETH/ ITSteamID: ( I am having trouble retrieving it, I will add it ASAP or handling it to admins trought discord)DiscordID: /SETH/ IT#8142Which server did you get banned on: Pluto.gg discord server Staff Member banned you: I’m unaware of who banned me or for what reason What was the reason for your ban: unaware of it How long was the ban: it seems permanent since when I try to join the server discord states “this user is banned from the community”Explain what happened/lead up to the ban: I got banned in game for a month after an accusation of RDM, the month has passed and I am back on playing on Pluto but, for some reason. I have been banned on the discord server in it seems a permanent way. The only thing I can think of it is me letting out some harsh words and insults on the admin who banned me (can’t remember exactly who) after my case was reviewed just a simple RDM even if I was getting blocked purposely by the victim. I’m here to ask if the ban can be removed on the discord server since I am back actively playing on the TTT server. Confirmed Witnesses:
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