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  1. https://i.imgur.com/ZBHO1Ft.png 10 13 14 I'm just doing this to not be gay
  2. +1 As long as we keep clown emoji thank u
  3. it should also not be able to give talents to guns that don't normally get them, like giving dots to a coined that shouldn't normally roll them. other than that it feels kinda eh, half a mirror for more than a coin and it corrupts it
  4. Something I don't know exists that would also be fun could be shaped charge style explosives, think of a breaching charge but it only detonates on the other side of the room, maybe make it so it has to be detonated by being close to it or make it very large, it would help with D rooms without being too much of an issue otherwise
  5. I would prefer to have all 3 but ye having these would be useful, I've left people on 5 only to later regret it before
  6. JohnInvictus#4886 wha happen to the old one
  7. I am personally pretty happy with most of the guns rn but there's a few I wanna talk about and hopefully people will also want others to talk about Mine I can talk about from the most experience is the sg552 and ump, rn the sg552 has 25 mag and the ump has 27 and with them both being on the weaker side of guns damage wise they should both have 30 like the higher damage guns do. As for the guns I don't use but that I've picked up off of bodies or used to use, the mp7 and ppsh both feel really weak to me the mp7 especially so. For the mp7 I think it needs a straight damage buff and ppsh could do with some of it's side to side sway taken away. The HUGE is another gun I wanna touch on, I like that the huge is actually good on a server but for once but it feels too good for it's mag, I don't know if it's possible but it's bloom for continued firing should increase less per shot but have a wider cap overall so that it's less useful for spraying at mid range. Just as some random stuff, I kinda want to see a gun that's a bit weaker overall than other AR's but has a 35 or 40 mag just to spice up gunplay a bit yeye
  8. How did you find all the stats for stuff like this?
  9. (player 1) gives (player 2) a kiss on the cheek FULL HOMO. In return (player 2) kills (player 1).
  10. JohnInvictus


    For most of what I do now it's everything, I don't have a main hobby that interests me I just bounce around. What it used to be and what I would like to get back into was archery, at one point I was good enough to be best team in my state and one of very few schools that brought a full archery team to a national competition, I miss having something I enjoyed doing so much every day
  11. P90 def needs a nerf, I thought flame still gave your damage back in dot when indoors just without buff, cripple I agree w/ it does need a buff, and for cycle I think it's okay where it's at. Rifles and M24's are good enough where they're at they just take aim. To add to this maybe a buff to the pistol, the thing seems to be the most agreed upon for the worst secondary and worst gun right now.
  12. Frenzy-After a kill gain X% damage and lose X% Accuracy
  13. If you have to read this to understand the title u need help anyways here's me from like a year ago and 50ft away
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