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  1. JohnInvictus


    For most of what I do now it's everything, I don't have a main hobby that interests me I just bounce around. What it used to be and what I would like to get back into was archery, at one point I was good enough to be best team in my state and one of very few schools that brought a full archery team to a national competition, I miss having something I enjoyed doing so much every day
  2. P90 def needs a nerf, I thought flame still gave your damage back in dot when indoors just without buff, cripple I agree w/ it does need a buff, and for cycle I think it's okay where it's at. Rifles and M24's are good enough where they're at they just take aim. To add to this maybe a buff to the pistol, the thing seems to be the most agreed upon for the worst secondary and worst gun right now.
  3. Frenzy-After a kill gain X% damage and lose X% Accuracy
  4. If you have to read this to understand the title u need help anyways here's me from like a year ago and 50ft away
  5. ur gay af and already know my tag dab
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