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  1. [Unban Appeal] (Your Name) Username: Topz SteamID: STEAM_0:0:149180748 DiscordID: Shrimpy#0163 Which server did you get banned on: Virgina #1 I could be wrong. I was afk. Which Staff Member banned you: Sniperz What was the reason for your ban: Meta gaming - First Offence x6 How long was the ban: 15764341 Seconds (Six Months) Explain what happened/lead up to the ban: Me and some friends in a discord would play Pluto and do quests together and mess around. And when the meta gaming rule was added we would leave the server with loads of people and go to the dead one so we didn't bother others when we messed around. So on Sunday 10/18 we moved to the smaller/dead server and messed around and did quest's but for them I will let them explain themselves I am here to say my side. So I like relaxing and having fun on Pluto so I would tell people to kill me if I knew they were a T sometimes I would even let them kill others in front of me and do nothing. Sometimes I would even let the T's do their Quest's so they can get the rewards. Even myself are guilty for people letting me do my quest's or them letting me kill others as they don't kill me. But on Sunday we finally got caught by sniperz on an Alt Account we meta gamed in front of a new player that was sniperz, and he got it all on tape and proved that we are irresponsible and break rules. Why do believe you should be unbanned?: I don't believe that I should be unbanned but others are telling to put an appeal and I want to put this here to show that I am sorry for what I did and for what I did is unjustifiable and just another way of saying that I was ghosting with others for letting me do things that wouldn't happen if we played normally. Confirmed Witnesses: Speed, Flick, Frank
  2. I wouldn't mind see Stargate replace Christmas Town or just be added without replacing Christmas town, And honestly I think that new V.2 McDonalds map is a better replacement for the current one.
  3. Name: A Grim Bundle (Pms) File: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1380429026 You can make a combination of Grim Reapers, and plus why not celebrate Halloween with being Grim. Picture:
  4. I feel this will add something that could change the meta for certain weapons, and can see this being a balance for certain weapons to.
  5. I have a Idea that could be very useful, Just add a F2 and F4 command that can tell you the basics of TTT rules being the F2 Menu and Maybe Pluto Rules and Basics like crafting ETC being in the F4 menu instead of people posting links for new players.
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