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  1. i hate playing with over a week playtime with nothing dropped more than 1 quill
  2. yeah, you shouldn't be able to take mods from a higher weapon but you should be able to take them from a lower.
  3. minty

    Scammer Role

    and the three wacky numbers on the back ^
  4. + but if im being honest, you should be able to take mods from lower max mod guns and put them on higher, it just doesn't make any sense for it to go both ways
  5. is fat

  6. sucks cock massive Cock

  7. minty

    houmd apport

    please stop sending me your sex change pictures, this is your last warning! i will report you!
  8. restrict this man from my guide thanks
  9. minty


  10. can you pass the COCKULATOR im tryna do some quick maths

  11. point and laugh everyone
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