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  1. models/Combine_Helicopter.mdl models/combine_apc.mdl models/buggy.mdl models/airboat.mdl models/Items/hevsuit.mdl models/props_combine/combine_train02a.mdl models/props_combine/CombineTrain01a.mdl models/props_trainstation/train003.mdl models/props_trainstation/train002.mdl models/props_trainstation/train001.mdl Effects that float near your head/torso
  2. these props need TF2 mounted on gmod models/items/plate.mdl ^ floating next to you as an effect, maybe spinning like it does in tf2 models/player/items/all_class/ghostly_gibus_engineer.mdl ^on your head of course
  3. Weapon name: Fortune's son Weapon model: tfa_cso_m16a1ep Weapon special trait: Secondary attack is a melee. Every time you reload the gun rolls a new random effect and clears the old effect it had. Effect could range from doing poison damage to the people you hit, healing you a small amount when you hit someone, rewinding your movement a few seconds, setting you on fire if you miss, doing one point of damage to you, ect. Basically just meant to be pure chaos to add some challenge for the people using it.
  4. Weapon name: Divine lock Weapon model: tfa_cso_divinelock Weapon special trait: Starts off with lower damage and a fast reload rate, damage rises and reload gets slower with every kill.
  5. Weapon name: Thunder walker Weapon model: tfa_cso_thunderpistol Weapon special trait: high damage slow reload single shot secondary. Knocks the person hit by it away from the shooter. Small explosion on impact with level geometry. Launches props when you shoot them. The tracer it comes with looks really great, maybe keep it? Maybe add recoil that pushes the player backwards like the beretta rifle?
  6. Weapon name: Brick Piece Weapon model: tfa_cso_brickpiecev2 Weapon special trait: On kill the body is turned into a plastic statue and you gain some power for your special bar. Your special activates while you hold right click building you into a random medium sized prop (barrel, crate, ect.) and putting you in third person for as long as you hold right click or until you run out of power.
  7. Weapon name: Fist of the dual handgun Weapon model: tfa_cso_dualinfinityfinal Weapon special trait: Gun fu: replaces your heavy primary weapon with two lightweight handguns allowing for a much higher jump and a somewhat faster walk speed. Also a kick for a secondary melee attack that lets you kick off of walls and objects/players like this game Maximum Action on Steam (steampowered.com)
  8. Weapon name: Hopstopper Weapon model: tfa_cso_crowbarcraft Weapon special trait: The secondary attack delivers a low damage electrical shock to your opponent that immediately brings their momentum to 0 and slows them very briefly
  9. Weapon name: Бугорский 19-78 particle gun Weapon trait: The particle beams it fires does low damage to everything except the brain. Headshot kills are completely silent.
  10. It would be neat if trashing a model gave something around 1-4 stardust.
  11. Suggested name: Jotaro Kujo/Joseph Jostar/Muhammad Avdol/Noriaki Kakyoin/Jean Pierre PolnareffWorkshop / Download link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1697949813Image(s)
  12. Suggested name: SnowtrooperWorkshop / Download link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=951888634Image(s):
  13. Suggested name: Festive trooperWorkshop / Download link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1588508827Image(s):
  14. Schizophrenic car wash#4607 My favorite moment is easily when I first joined pluto and nobody immediately made fun of me for being new and trying to learn about the server.
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