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  1. Username: mxusoleum SteamID: STEAM_0:1:150821679 DiscordID: durak#7591 Which server did you get banned on: Virginia Which Staff Member banned you: Todd The Turtle Terrorist What was the reason for your ban: Purp RDM How long was the ban: Permanent Old Explanation: I spawned as T on ttt_stadium. After a few seconds, i killed two guys in the office room right next to the spawn (Todd and RebelOutcast said "Your first kill was me" or something like that, but that is false. As i mentioned earlier, i killed 2 guys earlier and this statement doesnt even make sense.). I moved to a doorway in spawn room and tried to kill Liambird with my deagle. I didnt land a shot on him, so proceed to shoot one more time and accidentaly killed my teammate who was moving. He walked right into my line of sight when i tried to kill Liambird. One important thing: Todd mentioned that i killed him when he was standing still, but this is false. I play on Virginia with 100-150 ping usually, and theres a thing in source called "Lag compensation" (https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Lag_compensation). Its created to compensate lags caused by high ping. So on my screen, with 120~ ping, he was still moving and when he stopped, lag compensation worked and i killed him. I think he stopped right while i shooted Liam (i was supposed to shot Liam). I assume that Todd has smaller ping than me, + lag compensation doesnt affect Death Display (as far i know). Prime example of lagcomp is this image: (pretty innacurate description you can read the other one) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ New Explanation: So i actually decided to rewrite explanation to go into extra details and stuff. One thing is: there is no physical proof that im right or wrong. I dont think death scenes saves after map changes so yeah, there is no real proof. I would explain the things better this time, shall I? As i said, i killed 2 guys before i accidentaly killed Rebel, but Todd said "this was yours first kill in the spawn room" (https://prnt.sc/rsa5qa) and this whole sentence does not really makes sense to me. Ok, lets continue. I shooted Liam, failed, then tried to shoot again and that is where ping is important. There is delay when packet is delivered to server, and then delay when client updates info about the player (if i landed a shot on him or no). I usually play on ping from 100 to 150, and that is a real big difference beetwen 5 ping and 100. There is a delay before lag compensation activates too, because it is server-sided. Let me show you pretty accurate representation from top: After this ultra simplified situation, i tried to shoot Liam one more time: ConfiIrmed Witnesses: I dont think there was any.
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