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  1. [Complaint][Shadøw][Scamming] Date of Occurrence March 17th, 2020 Chaser Offender Name (Shadow) STEAM_0:1:454389203 / 76561198869044135 Offender DiscordID (Shadøw #8681) Your Name (Delusional Red) Your DiscordID (Spiral S #3062) The severs had just restarted and I was playing on chaser. I doing quests (since its the hot new thing everyone is focused on). Shadow was selling coins and I asked him if he would do 3.5K. We traded and then Shadow immediately gloated on mic about how coins were negatively impacted by a recent change making them not as impact and that the value was now much less than it used to be. I was incredibly angry since I had no Idea about this change. I know a lot of people use discord 24/7 but I am not one of these people. I have duties outside of this game. When I asked for a trade back, Shadow denied and was still more or less gloating about it. I was really angry and said "I would destroy him". (Destroy means I would tell everyone on discord what he did) but since a mod on the server said it was "technically" not a scam, I instead declared on the mic "I was going to quit". I am going to quit since this horrible shock has negatively impacted me emotionally. I was used to horrible surprises on "other" G-mod TTT multiplayer servers but I did not expect it to happen on a server that I had come to enjoy playing on. I'm not sure if I will quit, but knowing that either way I would still be playing on the server with him... It makes me lean towards what i said earlier. People who were on at the time: Phrot, Dog, FearlessRed, օֆɨʀɨֆ™ (There were more but I don't have it written down since I uninstalled Gmod)
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