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  1. minigame round (mario party style)
  2. Suka and Callie bottom text
  3. thank you so much for the feedback! i know this isn't a great answer anyone wants to hear - but all this kind of stuff does still need to be worked on, as crafting is still in its early stages all things considered. we have lots of stuff planned, so if you're willing to wait around for the updates, i know we can get it to be better!
  4. sorry to all the people who's replies i had to delete so i could get the second post back xp
  5. If after signing in it shows an account different than yours, that's okay! Disconnect the account, then go to https://discordapp.com/channels/@me, click the settings cog, and click log out. Then try signing in again and make sure you sign into the correct account! This usually happens because you had another account signed into your browser.
  6. it was pretty funny lol if you think you miss it, try having to change all of the settings on the forums back to what they were before without knowing what any of the options were set to haHAA
  7. first official giveaway part 2
  8. That's right! You can verify with discord now on the forums!!!! If you want to verify your account, go to your account settings by clicking your name in the top right, then Account Settings. Choose the Discord option and then sign in with discord and you should be good to go! (if you're lazy you can also just click this: https://pluto.gg/settings/discord/) If you find any bugs or it doesn't work, please pm me on Discord ASAP!!! ty!!!!
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