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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2179890920 Neko Ears
  2. Username: EthanSteamID: STEAM_0:1:244774784DiscordID: TrafficBlocker#0001Which server did you get banned on: VA1 Which Staff Member banned you: LiamBird723 What was the reason for your ban: Purp RDM 4th How long was the ban: 168 daysExplain what happened/lead up to the ban: I threw a incendiary grenade right at the beginning of the pre-round towards, the water on minecraft city. Addi purposefully walked into the fire then reported me after the round had finished. I profusely apologized as I was just trying to test out the new rolls of timing and elasticity on my grenade. He did not accept my apology and chose to try (and succeed) to get me banned approximately 10 rounds later.Why do believe you should be unbanned?: Addi was the only one to go into the fire as it was far from spawn, this was the only time I had even come close to "rdm", Addi as far as I know didnt even die and Addi has frequently expressed he does not like me and earlier said he wanted to "get rid of me". Screenshot included down below also indicates players walked into the fire multiple seconds AFTER it had been thrown which indicates it was purposeful. Confirmed Witnesses: none - i wouldve clipped it but he didnt even die
  3. rpm is already relatively low imo. but literally just remove the spray pattern and increase recoil slightly
  4. Airpod Shotty https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2357684844 plays the sus sfx when shooting
  5. Crysis Gauss Rifle Steam Workshop::[TFA] Crysis Gauss Rifle (steamcommunity.com) Trait could be (a low amount of) splash damage
  6. Legionäre Erheben Bodies glow blue after being killed by this weapon Recoil is also slightly lowered
  7. Schatten-Repeater Gains speed and capacity for every kill
  8. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2402353832 Dead Man’s Tale from Destiny 2 Similar to ss trait but, instead of just increased rdm its increased damage and lower spread (because it’s a low rpm scout rifle)
  9. Date of Occurrence: This has happened on and off for the past few months but mainly today 3/10/2021 Which map did this occur on: Over discord Offender Name: Glyze/Onyx/Emerald Offender SteamID: STEAM_0:1:160071695 Offender DiscordID: @Emerald#2198 / 199940640891469825 Your Name: Dash dash dash Your DiscordID: TrafficBlocker#0001 Please describe the situation in as much detail as possible: So basically this afternoon emerald has as far as I know returned to his old antics. Multiple reports in the past have been filed against him for abusing the report system to get others banned for petty things and false reporting and that’s what both I and Hyperpopfan2010 have encountered tonight as well as others witnessing. At the start of the evening, Emerald made a report against me for purposely rdming him while playing as an innocent and him being a T. Using process of elimination from hearing deaths I concluded he was the t and camped him and killed him. After this report obviously I was promptly banned. However, even after I was banned he continued his abuse over discord. Constantly messaging me (deleted after I blocked him), constantly reminding me and others of my ban and saying abusive things in voice chat such as calling me a “brainlet” and a “dumbass” of all things occurred quiet often. I let it slide since he’s just a kid but I did make note of it. Later Glyze/Onyx/Emerald had been reported by Hyperpopfan2010 for purp rdm and attempted to use similar reasoning as I did previously as to why Glyze/Onyx/Emerald shot him. He also then proceeded to also call him abusive things and berate Hyperpipfan2010 in the Pluto discord and in private dms. Confirmed Witness(es): Goose, Hyperpopfan2010, Limeinade, Myself, Staff in the discord such as Lovely and Addi Evidence: https://imgur.com/a/nuHK0wL Additional Information: If you search his reports you can see that there have been other times Glyze/Onyx/Emerald has tried to get users falsely banned for rdm and had harassed them. His hypocrisy and fighting toxicity with toxicity tactics aren’t really helpful either.
  10. Username: ---SteamID: STEAM_0:1:244774784DiscordID: TrafficBlocker#0001Which server did you get banned on: VA2 Which Staff Member banned you: osiris What was the reason for your ban: Purp rdm 3rd (changed to purp rdm 4th) How long was the ban: originally one week now two weeksExplain what happened/lead up to the ban: So basically we were playing ttt obviously and emerald and one other guy was the t. i knew how many people were left and i heard the last person die while in the cave on pluto stacks. I camped the teleport and then when the (assuming it was t because process of elmination) came in i started hitting with chimp stick and killed. Then was promptly finished off by t buddy. Emerald immidietely reported me for purp rdm and I called him out on his bullshit citing the multiple times he actually purp rdmed and not a few minutes later, I was banned for a week by osiris and then it was corrected to two weeks.Why do believe you should be unbanned?: My original bans for rdm are over a year old and I didnt actually rdm anyone. Emerald also rdmed and i assume just out of spite, literally rdmed Goose 5 minutes later who promptly told me about it but map changed. Confirmed Witnesses: logs idk nobody took any replays unsuprisingly tl:dr banned for 2 weeks for "purp rdm" without actually rdming, original bans were over a year old, "victim" rdmed 5min later without repercussions
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