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  1. Hi everyone, as part of my upcoming Round Overhaul Update I'm going to be adding multiple new rounds, and I'd like community input and ideas. As of right now, we have two types of rounds: Event Rounds like the Christmas round, the Monkey round, and the Bunny round, which come seasonally and completely change the game from TTT. We also have Mini-Events like Droplet Rain, Shooting Stars, and Chance Dice, which stay year-round and don't change the game from TTT. With this next update I'll be introducing Random Rounds which will stay year-round, occur semi-randomly, and change the game from TTT. Examples of these may include Team Deathmatch, Free-For-All, Last Man Standing, etc. If you have any ideas for Mini-Events, Random Rounds, and/or Event Rounds then please post them here or in the channel I create on discord. Thanks!
  2. I'll just go through some of your points one by one: "I threw a incendiary grenade right at the beginning of the pre-round towards, the water on minecraft city." If the fire had been in the water I wouldn't have been hurt by it. "Addi purposefully walked into the fire then reported me after the round had finished." I was bhopping around and ended up passing through flames, there's nothing intentional about that. "I profusely apologized as I was just trying to test out the new rolls of timing and elasticity on my grenade." The first time you did it you responded to the report with a joke, and then did it again a few rounds later after being told not to, so at this point it doesn't matter that you apologized for the second one. "He did not accept my apology and chose to try (and succeed) to get me banned approximately 10 rounds later." Yes, it takes time to get bans finalized. "Addi was the only one to go into the fire as it was far from spawn" "Screenshot included down below also indicates players walked into the fire multiple seconds AFTER it had been thrown which indicates it was purposeful." Like I said, when you're bhopping and someone throws fire everywhere you're bound to pass through it. That's why you're not supposed to throw grenades randomly as an innocent or during preparing. "Addi has frequently expressed he does not like me" I didn't know who you were until this week and my opinion on you was more or less neutral until 2 days ago when you sent me a video on discord of a woman starting to undress, when you started PMing me in game semi-ghosty things to do while I was alive and you were dead, and when I started seeing how often you called people "retard". The first and only time I actually expressed that I didn't like you was this afternoon when I said you were annoying me. " and earlier said he wanted to "get rid of me"" Actually, what I said was "Why are you trying so hard to get yourself removed?" as a response to you intentionally trying to bother me. That's not an indication that I wanted you gone, just me saying that your behavior was unacceptable. Anyway, it doesn't matter that you didn't actually kill anyone with the grenades because you were told after the first time you threw a grenade randomly during preparing that you can't do that but you did it again anyway, and that shows your intent to cause trouble.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm looking for suggestions for unique weapons. Submit suggestions here, and if I like your idea enough to use it, I'll give you a special untradeable version of the unique weapon once it comes out! Every unique weapon has an interesting name, a cool model, and an special trait to go along with it, so those are the three main things I'm looking for. I prefer to use weapons from the TFA CS:O pack, so I'll include some examples here that you can include in your suggestion, or you can find others on your own. Follow this format: Weapon Name: Weapon Model: Weapon Special Trait: If you don't have a specific model or a specific name, that's fine, but I do really want to have creative specialties for each unique so that's the most important thing. Here are some weapon models you could use for your suggestion if you want (but you don't have to use them): Ballista-Like Gun Clockwork Double Barrel Shotgun "Bouncer" idk Crystal Machine Gun Energy Blaster
  4. Don't forget that stardust is still new and is currently in very high demand without a stockpile of supply like the rest of the currencies do I'm also still thinking about adding more ways of gaining stardust, which would increase the supply further. I think over time these seemingly high prices will feel less steep as the divine maket progresses in development and age.
  5. Very cool suggestions! Thanks for posting, these are good things for me to think about
  6. Re-rolling (or maybe to give it a spacey theme name, re-charting? idk) constellations is something that we are considering, with a few different ways of doing it that we're thinking about possibly doing. But nothing is confirmed yet for sure.
  7. Yeah we're in the process of discussing a solution so there will be more on this soon
  8. Update: I passed 10k hours
  9. I'm almost at 10k hours, filthy casual
  10. +1 Active member of the community, definitely support this app. Good luck!
  11. Hey followers! Thanks for checking up on my status update. Don't forget to stay cheesy!



  12. Name: Connor Bio: "My name is Connor. I'm the android sent by CyberLife." Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1697736161
  13. Name: Markus Bio: "We are alive and we wanna be free!" Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1749426524
  14. Yeah none of that stuff should have been allowed anyway, so we should definitely move forward with the partnership
  15. add___123

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    the next person to reply is mega poo
  16. Name: Connor Bio: "My name is Connor. I'm the android sent by CyberLife." Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1697736161
  17. Name: Markus Bio: "We are alive and we wanna be free!" Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1749426524
  18. Make quests refresh without the need for reconnecting (maybe an end of round hook for simplicity) Add the ability to deselect DNA samples Make default number of currency selected in trade and crafting 1 instead of max (I want to trade or use a single currency much more often than all at once) Have Lightsaber display color code in name/description Make named guns show the gun type somewhere in the description so that imgur screenshots include that info Make Quests, Trade, and Craft tabs nameable like the rest Make the currency used in crafting deselect after doing a craft (To completely reset the crafting menu) Edit trade chat so that it actually saves the text when closing and reopening the inventory Make quest progress say (x remaining out of n) rather than the percentage (I feel like the progress bar shows the percentage visually well enough, this one is just more my opinion) Give Golden Pan an inventory icon (and any others that don't have them, I only know of golden pan though) Make it so that you can take an item out of the buffer tab without the following buffer items being mandatory to take out as well Make Incendiary Grenade stop saying "Incediary Grenada" Change Acidic Droplet's lore description to "What has Yaari..." instead of "What have Yaari..." unless that's intentionally plural (This one is also just opinion but) Change Reflective Die's lore description to be less confusing (The farmer won a bet, but then won another bet?) Change Glass Quill's lore description from "...even made, what will..." to "...even made. What will..." Make it so that consumed pink eggs collected on the last round of the map activate the event round on the first round of the next map, if feasible Reorder the scoreboard suspicion markers (KOS, Suspect, etc.) so that they're in the classic scoreboard order Change currency pick-up messages so that when you pick up something that starts with a vowel, the message uses "an" instead of "a" When putting in a crafting ingredient that is incompatible with the others, have it remove the ingredient rather than closing the whole menu When a quest reward is more than one of a currency, have the currency pickup message reflect that with a "× 5" message or something like that When putting an item into trade or crafting, make the item instantly get "dropped" from the the cursor after being put into the offer/craft instead of having it so that the item must be manually put back into the inventory Change the outline size slider in the f1 menu to have bounds from 1.00 to 2.00 instead of 1.00 to 10.00 (2.00 is already too high to play with but it's better than 10.00 which makes them consume half the screen) Give some way to distinguish between different sub-types of models in the inventory (Different jacket model masks, big boss model paints, etc.) Make it so that more common items get trashed faster or make a slider setting that can be used to set the speed of the trashing Add a toggle setting that makes the stat roll range always display (similar to holding ctrl when hovering over a weapon) Make rejuv health amount healed not give a stat roll range, since it is always 15 or 10 or 5 (Although I understand that it's that way because the amount healed is based on the mod tier so it's probably not really a quick fix) Make shard attribute description consistent with ending punctuation. (Some, such as "You can get up to X modifiers on this item." and "This always rolls Cycle I." and "This gun is unique. It cannot roll mods." end in a period, while others, such as "Crafted from X, Y, and Z shards" and "This gun seems to roll better damage modifers" and "This gun seems to roll Damage over Time modifers 2x as often" do not end in a period)
  19. itsmeaddof123#0773 Nathan is attractive
  20. I think these ideas have some potential. I'm not a big fan of Hesitant, but the others are interesting!
  21. Maybe make Virginia 1 bhop and Virginia 2 non-bhop? etc.
  22. Hey guys, I have some April Fool's ideas for all of you. Here's an album full of prank ideas: 1: Mayo Donuts 2: Scent Surprise 3: Caramel Onion Too lazy to come up with clever names for the rest of them so here's the rest: https://tinyurl.com/vleg2cu https://tinyurl.com/rck6jll https://tinyurl.com/th64tqf https://tinyurl.com/ue3puea Enjoy!
  23. At one point Meepen said he wanted quest ideas that were non-repetitive so here you go. Some of these are more convoluted than others so take it with a grain of salt. Let me know what you guys think. My favorites: Resourceful Get X kills with guns that aren't yours Job Well Done Kill X traitors whose DNA you had Flawless Win X rounds without taking any damage Elephant-Like Win X rounds without jumping Quick Work Win X rounds as a traitor in less than a minute Decent: Heavyweight Kill X people by landing on their heads Dog Fight Kill X people who are in the air, while in the air Trench Warfare Kill X people who are crouching, while crouching Vengeance Kill X people who have killed fellow traitors Just brainstorming: Confused Pick up DNA leading to yourself (In this section because that's not something you really do on accident) Pacifist Win X rounds without dealing any damage (In this section because this would be a round where you do nothing) I'll post more if I think of any more.
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