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  1. Ducky!

    Scammer Role

    I have several times, ask anyone and they will say I scammed them
  2. Ducky!

    Scammer Role

    you're mean
  3. Ducky!

    Scammer Role

    what if I said please
  4. Ducky!

    Scammer Role

    I want scammer role please
  5. is fat

  6. I did but I still won't get it
  7. I say I start a protest to get myself the known scammer role in the discord.
  8. Ducky!

    houmd apport

  9. Ducky!

    houmd apport

    yes what he said
  10. now all my hitmarker sounds are the entire duck song please help
  11. Ducky!

    houmd apport

    I like to preort minty he saifd a badw rod je hcalled me a f*ggot and it made me sad plisae ban
  12. Ducky!


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