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  1. Just wanna play on the server again. Not really going to bother writeing a 2 page essay begging to be back since it'll probably get denied anyway.
  2. Similar to the lancer, the UMP 9 is just pure trash, so why not replace it with the CS:S UMP? i personally find the ump to be one of the coolest guns in games overall so i'd love to see it be actually good on the server, and this would be nice for people who own a ump 9. Here's a poll so you can say what you don't like or like about this idea https://forms.gle/wnyEcYV4fPQFqkH59
  3. Here's a google doc FULL of stupid ideas i came up with while bored. I hope some of them are okay. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tWtDnZefuHBzACWoJAhpYn9s2BUe1Oac4Z8KPmu7Knw/edit?usp=sharing
  4. Welp this is what i get for talking about the deagle. No one even notes the rest of the post. FeelBadMan
  5. Okay i literally said that would be the worst way to nerf it, and i think it needs a nerf just because it overshadows all the other secondary weapon (Most people run the Deagle, since why would you not run the deagle. It can two tap the body if you make it's mods good enough, meaning it's better even if you consider trash aim) also the deagle oppresses/encourages certain primary weapons (Why run snipers if you can just get one-deaged across the map by some guy with a H.U.G.E or assault rifle?), and at the end of the day i'm only asking for a minor nerf that would be something like a bit less ammo or more switch time or lower rpm (Double the switch time, lower the RPM from 86 to 70, OR make it from 8 bullets to like 6, etc.) I really feel like no one read the OR part of that section.
  6. Famas The Famas i would imagine would be a compromise between the AK (Accuracy in return for high head-shot damage) and the galil (High body DPS and good accuracy) and would have around the AK's recoil and accuracy, and it's stats would look something like this : Body Dmg (19) Head Dmg (30) (RPM 550) Body DPS (174.2) (Head DPS 275) (Uses 9mm) Capacity (30) HK417 (Or some other DMR like the FAL) the HK417, for those who don't even know what the heck it is, is a semi-automatic rifle chambered in 7.62x51mm cartridges (For context, an m4a1 uses 5.56x45mm cartridges), meaning it would pack quite a punch. The HK417 would serve as a mid-ground between the sniper and the assault rifle, sort of like a deagle if it were a primary (Except higher body dps, obviously) and would have good accuracy with notable recoil. Does not have a scope. It's Stats would look something like this : Body Dmg (35) Head Dmg (50) (RPM 250) Body DPS (146) Head DPS (208.3) Capacity (20) HK21 Another less known weapon, the HK21 is similar to the m249 (AKA the H.U.G.E), but higher caliber. It would be an alternative for LMG lovers who don't want to use the H.U.G.E, being a slower fireing, higher damage, H.U.G.E with more long range capability (Slightly less recoil, more accuracy) but less body dps. the stats would look something like this : Body DMG (13) Head-shot DMG (20) RPM (800) Body DPS (173.3) Head DPS (267) Capacity (80) Serbu Super Shorty Do you want a secondary for close-up that isn't the Deagle,TMP, or Tec-9? Then bring a pocket shotgun! The serbu super shorty would function similar to the default TTT shotgun and would essentially be an inferior version of it (since it's a secondary). It's stats would look something like this : Body damage (4 x 8 )Head damage (6 x 8 )RPM (100) Capacity (3) Other Notes I seriously think the galil and maybe the Deagle need a nerf. The galil outperforms almost all of it's assault rifle brothers in most aspects, including accuracy,recoil, and dps. I would say make it have higher recoil and less accuracy, or nerf its body damage. The deagle should have one of three things happen to it ; It has a MUCH longer switch time (Primary to secondary/ secondary to primary, it shouldn't one tap the head (Least likable change, as that's the point of a deagle) or it should have slower fire-rate.
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