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  1. So before I start talking I do want to acknowledge that Pluto has gone above and beyond most TTT servers.I think the crafting system right now, at is core is great and I would much rather have it then a loot box system.Getting shards takes time but is not super heavy RNG. Crafting in it itself is a good idea especially with the possibility of added effects such as coined. I think my one issue with crafting is how rng it is for you to get specific guns. Personally I am annoyed when I take the time to get semi decent shards and then have them turn into a gun I don't like. For example today I got a Dropletted tec-9, that is great.Then later that day I got a stable shard and some common shards, crafted them ,and got a pistol. I not only hate pistols with a burning passion but it was never going to be used because of my tech-9.I feel that instead of relying on RNG for the type of weapon we get there should be some way to at least choose wether or not your gun is primary or secondary. I know this might just be me but I think it would be an amazing change, who knows maybe I sound like a lunatic. also I know my punctuation is most likely shit.
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