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  1. Oh I didn't consider that aspect of confused guns. I'll try to consider appropriate upsides to go on them to balance them out. Thanks for pointing out that detail. I guess that means Confused are more like a 16.5% chance of fucking you over, not 33%.
  2. Sure some more 4 mods would be nice. Unless the 3 mod had a strong passive like Inevitable, I'm really not interested in it existing. Powerful is pretty useless due to its weak passive and low mod count.
  3. I agree. I am providing multiple concepts to be the 3rd 6mod tier, not all of them. What do you mean by incomplete? Like do you feel I was not clear enough with how the tiers would function?
  4. I'm not advocating for them to be easy to get. I'm advocating for them to be easier to get. They should be rare, but not as rare as they currently are.
  5. As stated in a previous forum post, I intended to provide suggestions of 6 mod gun tiers to help broaden the scope of guns available for high mod crafting. These guns are intended to have downsides that makes them bad to play with, but not impossibly bad. This is meant to encourage a player to deconstruct them for a shard to craft with, but not make it impossible to hold onto and still use for testing or exploring new guns. These guns would have drop rates identical, or similar to confused guns. This would over all increase the likely hood of getting a 6 mod gun drop, but not make you any more likely to get a truly powerful one. Please remember when judging these concepts that their goal is to deter the player from using them as a primary, but still be a viable option of the player wanted to. Ultimately these are intended for crafting with their shard. If worried about drop rates, please state what you'd think would be an appropriate drop rate for these weapons using existing guns as drop rate references. I personally would like to see them drop as often as confused. I would only really be interested in one of these being introduced, but if more were accepted that would be fine! Frail "This gun can't gain modifiers that effect a player's health." This gun can't gain Protection or Rejuvenation. If any other modifiers are introduced that effect a players health are added, it also can't gain those modifiers either. Protection and Rejuvenation are not the most powerful modifiers in the game, but I would consider them the most important for high tier guns. A gun with purely damage mods doesn't compare well to a gun with mostly damage mods, and 1 instances of rejuv or protection. Being able to gain life through gun fights makes a massive difference in your KDR for T rounds, and can even be impact on innocent and detective rounds. Missing out on these traits significantly weakens a 6 mod's value. Unfortunate "This gun can't have its modifier's stats or tier changed." The modifier tier or stats of modifiers on the gun can't be changed. If you rolled a II flame with 10%, you can't change that without fully rerolling the modifier. Your only option for improving this gun is to remove mods with Y's Taking then add them with hearts, plutonic droplets, or acidic droplets, or completely reroll it using mystical droplets. This will make modifying the gun much more costly and lead you to have a rather mediocre gun even if you get lucky and roll tier I mods. Hesitant Effect version 1 "This gun can only gain 3 modifiers from mystical droplets. All other currencies can only give this gun 1 modifier per use." If you use a mystical droplet on this gun, it will lose all modifiers then gain up to 3 modifiers. Any other currency that removes modifiers will remove all appropriate modifiers, and if it can add modifiers will only add 1. Effect version 2 "All currencies can only give this gun 1 modifier per use." If you use any form of currency on this weapon that gives it modifiers, it can only gain 1 modifier. If the currency were to remove modifiers, it still removes the same amount. Hesitant is meant to also be costly to reroll, but in a different way. It still encourages you to primary use hearts, but is less lenient towards droplet effects. Modifying this gun will be costly, but possible. Version 1 is less restrictive then 2, as I feel it may not need to be as harsh to still be an effective downside. Brutal "This gun can only gain damage modifiers." If a modifier doesn't directly effect damage numbers, it can't be rolled. I would consider this to count: strength, marksmanship, toxicity, flame, bleeding. If these aren't all considered damage modifiers, then the list can be changed to conform reality. To some, this type of ability might not be considered a downside. I personally disagree. Protection, rejuvenation, cycling, and crippling are all powerful modifiers that many guns and players want on their weapons. Although brutal allows you to roll a constantly effective gun for scoring kills, you'll often die in the second or third gun fight. If consensus considers this trait to be too good for a 6 mod with a downside, it could be repurposed as the new Powerful. I believe powerful's trait has always been too low impact to be desired for crafting. It's an unwanted shard tier. I think Powerful could fit well on a 5 mod gun tier if 6 is considered too good.
  6. As Todd already mentioned, we already have confused in this slot. I get your point on usefulness. I feel this gun ends up being a nice happy medium between the two tho. a charitable gun is still great for game play as you can get 6 mods on it with no hindrance to its kill potential, the only downside is financial. You get the gameplay of a OW but the rewards of confused. This is a neat concept for a currency, but I feel doesn't quite address the same issue. The goal of Charitable is to introduce a 3rd 6mod crafting tier for the sake of making it easier to access 6mod shards for crafting. I'd love to see this concept explore more! I also don't think I like the idea of 8 mods being craftable, even if they have terrible earning. I'd really want to see balance tests between 6 mod "perfects" and 8 mod "perfects" to see how significant the win rate difference would be. As it stands i think the gun power level on the server is great and I'd rather see high ends more accessible, instead of the highest point being raised.
  7. Making it not worth using is the goal! As that'll encourage people to decon it to get the shard. I understand as a concept it might be rather awkward to code. Ultimately, my goal is to try and give a good enough "bad 6mod to play with, good use shard to craft" suggestion for a 3rd to be implemented. This is also a very unique middle ground between confused and OW, as unlike confused its still useable for general game play, but its still significantly worse then OW and something most players would not use. Charitable also could be a practical trait to put on guns for testing. You could give some player a charitable gun to test on the primary server's without worrying about them in some way benefiting from it if the gun was stupid OP. I'll try to think of some other bad 6mod concepts that are easier to code.
  8. Much like confused, this is intended to be a 6 mod gun with a downside and thus be more appropriate for crafting. I feel having an additional 6 mod gun oriented towards crafting would be helpful as often other worldly guns are not treated as a crafting resource, but instead kept as a gun to be used. Adding this 3rd shard would help expand options for high end crafting without reducing the risk involved of "cheaper" 6 mod crafts, and wouldn't threaten the value of OW guns. Charitable guns would have the downside of: "Drops earned through kills with this gun are rewarded to the killed player, instead of you." Silver seems like an appropriate color for this shard, or some off white color. If multi-color shards were to be considered, maybe a combination of gold with streaks of blue, or as the color lining the edges of it.
  9. Here are some Zodiac themed abilities. They all have a theme of an up and a downside, usually related. Aquarius 1 X more drops spawn per round. Non-Magic Droplet items have their spawn rate reduced by x%. Pisces 1-5 This weapon deals x% more damage for each player in x distance. Damage is reduced by x% (This is to make it you only get a bonus if lets say, 2 other people are near by so it has some form of downside) Aries 1-3 Damage and accuracy increased by x% and x% respectively based on missing health. You take x% more damage. Taurus 1-5 This weapon's fire rate is increased by x% per half second of continuous fire up to x seconds. For every X shots, the next shot uses 3 ammo. Gemini 1-3 Each shot has a x% chance to fire two shots at once. accuracy is decreased by x%. Cancer 1-5 You spawn with armor. Your movement speed is reduced by x% Leo 1-3 Bullet knock back increased by x%. Kick increased by x%. Virgo 1 Gain x% more XP from kills. (The downside is XP is useless lol) Libra 1-3 Reduce damage taken from Damage over time effects by x%. Your Dots are also reduced by 2/3s this amount. Scorpio 1-3 Damage dealt and received by DoTs are increased by x%. Sagittarius 1-3 Shots over x distance away deal x% more. Shots dealt closer then x distant deal x% less. Capricorn 1 When you run into people, deal X damage to them based on speed (only starts to deal contact damage past twice base movement speed). You take 2/3s as much damage.
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