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  1. Here are some Zodiac themed abilities. They all have a theme of an up and a downside, usually related. Aquarius 1 X more drops spawn per round. Non-Magic Droplet items have their spawn rate reduced by x%. Pisces 1-5 This weapon deals x% more damage for each player in x distance. Damage is reduced by x% (This is to make it you only get a bonus if lets say, 2 other people are near by so it has some form of downside) Aries 1-3 Damage and accuracy increased by x% and x% respectively based on missing health. You take x% more damage. Taurus 1-5 This weapon's fire rate is increased by x% per half second of continuous fire up to x seconds. For every X shots, the next shot uses 3 ammo. Gemini 1-3 Each shot has a x% chance to fire two shots at once. accuracy is decreased by x%. Cancer 1-5 You spawn with armor. Your movement speed is reduced by x% Leo 1-3 Bullet knock back increased by x%. Kick increased by x%. Virgo 1 Gain x% more XP from kills. (The downside is XP is useless lol) Libra 1-3 Reduce damage taken from Damage over time effects by x%. Your Dots are also reduced by 2/3s this amount. Scorpio 1-3 Damage dealt and received by DoTs are increased by x%. Sagittarius 1-3 Shots over x distance away deal x% more. Shots dealt closer then x distant deal x% less. Capricorn 1 When you run into people, deal X damage to them based on speed (only starts to deal contact damage past twice base movement speed). You take 2/3s as much damage.
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