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  1. Username: Morgan SteamID: STEAM_1:1:48764934 DiscordID: Morgan#2977 Which server did you get banned on: Virginia Which Staff Member banned you: Sniper What was the reason for your ban: Purp rdm xd2 lying in reports How long was the ban: 24hr Explain what happened/lead up to the ban: I pretty much found a hearty sniper on the ground then after picking it up I was shot at by phrot who was a traitor and saw him run around a corner. I scoped and peak the corner and due to fact i was low hp I panicked and shot the first person I saw who was not phrot. I did say Im sorry then I went and hid in the back of the map since I was low hp and I saw the second person I killed and he had the exact same skin as phrot and was looking at me. I know you cant base someone of their skin but I panicked cause of my low hp and flicked onto him and since I had a sniper It was 2 late before I realised the name and one shot him I then not even a second after I killed him I said oh no Im so sorry someone kill me Im sorry then Someone killed me. Then I answered to the reports and the first one was stuck on my screen so i had to relog to reply to the second one. I never lied in my reports and I fully accidentally killed both of the people I killed. I can see now why he thinks I lied in reports can now looking at it I might of done the reports in the wrong order Confirmed Witnesses:I dont know anyone on the server except one person but he didnt see it.
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