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  1. What angle are they from Nathan

  2. (Player 1) ran slay on (Player 2)
  3. Scoops


    Auto Mag Has X% Chance to Automatically refill mag after kill
  4. Scoops


    Dissolve Has X% Chance to disintegrate body on headshot
  5. Username: Scoops SteamID:STEAM_0:0:440357155 DiscordID: Scoops#0864 How old are you?:16 Do you have a microphone?:Yes How long have you been playing TTT?:Early 2019 How long have you been playing on Pluto?:About Three Days Any past staffing experience in Garry's Mod or other games?:No If the above is applicable, what was the duration of active staffing?:NA In exactly 100 words, explain why you would make a good fit for our staff team: Because I absolutely love TTT, I was a avid player for Moat and joined the Pluto discord when It was announced, as for my staff experience, I want my initial experience to be on Pluto. I also love talking to the community and seeing how people interact with one another and hope to help develop this server to its fullest potential. This also gives me an idea on how to better myself with socializing with the community and getting to know people better and I can learn more about staffing and learn more about the ins and outs of TTT.
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