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  1. Username: Lucky Ducky SteamID: STEAM_1:1:225150252 DiscordID: (YourName#1234 or really long number, leave blank if none) Ducky#7774 Which server did you get banned on: Vriginia Which Staff Member banned you: Sniperz Apparently authorized by zero What was the reason for your ban: Toxicity How long was the ban: Perm Explain what happened/lead up to the ban: I don't even know the exact reason but apparently it was toxicity. The fact Im the only one getting banned for toxicity is unfair. The only reason I'm toxic sometimes is because I get bullied by a 40 year old named sexxibatman and other grown adults because of my voice and my age. The fact im the only one banned for toxicity is unfair because Im not the only one that's been "Recognized". I got perma muted for "Harrasment" but I wasn't harassing anyone. I understand I can be toxic but I will try to keep my balance and not be. This ban was unfair. Getting banned for toxicity is really unfair and shouldn't be a ban. Maybe a few week mute but not a perma ban. I wasn't harassing anyone, if anything I was making jokes about harassment but not actually harassing anyone. I will relax and cool off and make sure Im not toxic. Confirmed Witnesses: Shadow, (Didnt even want me to get banned even though sniperz claimed I harassed him) @Nordic @Limeinade Zerpixxx, @Eppen there are more if you need. Contact me on discord.
  2. Silenced 1-5. Silences your weapon. Fling: Has a chance to fling your enemy into the air possibly causing fall damage. (This would make blink an even better tool) Adrenaline: After a righteous kill, there is a chance to speed yourself up for X ammount of secconds. Famine: Has a chance to slow your enemy down after shooting them for X ammount of secconds. Blinding: Has a chance to slightly blind an enemy for X ammount of secconds. Cursed: Has a chance to inflict an enemy with poison for x ammount of secconds after they shoot you.
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