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  1. i like the droplet rain a LOT!!! gonna be using it 100%
  2. Added to thingy I'm preparing for quests! thanks for ideas. You can look at this for ideas of what quests are going to be: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pQvAdNevcMP1hjDO2ZjXhbkXdKOcdcmc3XLPDny290Y/edit#
  3. Meepen


    forums succ
  4. LONG AWAITED NEW MODEL THREAD ON THE NEW FORUMS These models are planned to be used in the quest system, The Box: 2 and Competitions. Remember: NO NSFW!!!! You will DIE and I will DIE inside if you do that! Everyone who gets their model accepted will receive a PROTOTYPE that will eventually become untradable. It will also eventually have sparklies around it or something!!!!1 To submit use this format: Suggested name: Workshop / Download link: Image(s):
  5. you kind of guessed my level 10 and 25 things lol but i like the other two ideas
  6. Meepen


    Hey guys! We need more weapon modifiers! Answer this poll for a chance to get a badge stating you created a mod in game! You will also get a commemorative non-tradable weapon with this modifier as an implicit.
  7. this guy big gay confirmed

    1. ϢσЯthlӡϛϛ


      This is RDM 

    2. Banana boi

      Banana boi

      i have a small dick third worlder ;(

    3. T$E Sniperz`

      T$E Sniperz`

      harassment ban when!?

  8. i've had people throw this at me before but i prefer this to not be like a geiger counter but there should be a perk (when those are added) that warns you of rarer currency being spawned
  9. honestly u guys deserved it!
  10. Denied, you maliciously killed detectives whenever they did anything you thought was traitorous, despite them being detectives. This is intentional malicious compliance to the rules.
  11. yes hi i want enter u know my id get rekt
  12. Meepen


    second xd
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