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    The current meta is heavily towards the m4a1 and the tak-47 due to their easy recoil and good damage. A new AR like the H&K 416, TAR-21(Tavor), and FN SCAR-H could be nice additions to the game as well as possibly change the meta. If new guns aren't the solution then possibly rework the above guns (m4a1 and tak47) to have either worse recoil or slightly lowered damage. As a user of both of those guns, the person you're shooting doesn't have much of a chance against them. Especially with the new constellations these guns are definitely overpowered.
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    Basically, this would be a high end tweaking item for weapons. You could obtain them as a rare drops from eggs/boxes/end round drop, with an effect already on it. You could reroll the percentage with stardust (for 100 or so each roll). It would be used to replace an already active node in the middle constellation. This new node would have to be (re-)activated with double the exp of a normal node.
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