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    Hey, I’m Shibe, I’m 22, Civil Engineer, in my spare time I like to game. Be it Terraria, Gmod, ESO, WoW or Destiny 2 (recent sessions). I joined a few TTT servers prior to this, most notably MOAT which I heard has been shut down. I loved the community, and the gameplay was hilarious and enjoyable. Meepen was a regular name I’d see and hear and after I read up on the downfall of MOAT I trusted the name and here I am! You will see me about, being mediocre at the best of times, I’m more of a social player. Anyway, it’s great to be back in a community like this, feels good man. Feel free to drop a message for any reason, I’m open to meeting new people and making some buddies! See you in game! Yours to hold in your heart dearly, Shibe x
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