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    it's been a while since I did a giveaway but here it is, my 4th and final pluto giveaway. this giveaway is bigger than ever seen its LIFE CHANGING. this is the moment we've all been waiting for. How to Enter: ITS SIMPLE. Comment down below on this thread your discord username (ex:YaBoiNathan#9732) AND your favorite moment playing pluto cause last time u guys were boring and I like reading through these. There will be ONE winner that will be chosen on Nov. 22nd. They will have 5 days to claim their items before I redraw. So if ur banned for more than like a week dont even enter. What's in it: well I'm glad you asked 3000 droplets 1 EYE (YO) https://i.imgur.com/1TrilKv.png DEMONS PROMISE https://i.imgur.com/njN937C.png DRAGONS BREATHE https://i.imgur.com/SURd1JV.png DEMON SLAYER https://i.imgur.com/Mfkgbwx.png DOUBLE BLADED LIGHTSABER https://i.imgur.com/oTZZqco.png 5 MOD COINED XM (good mods) https://i.imgur.com/xOfsFxB.png 6 MOD COINED STG (good mods but corrupted) https://i.imgur.com/5UrboNq.png 7 MOD AK (near perfect mods, has best killing power IN SERVER) HUGE thank you to Meepen and Eppen and Limeinade and Liambird for donating to this giveaway (Meepen-Eye, Eppen-STG, Liam-Dragons Breathe, Limeimade-XM and Demon Slayer) Thank u all for making Pluto awesome I love most of u
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    Phrot#1119 making fun of sniperz was about the only thing i did on pluto so yeah that
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    Orione#5898 My favorite moment was the first ever monkey round i won, it was the first day it got released and everybody was so hyped. Monkeys screaming trough teir mics and sprinting around it was awesome. At the last second i killed the monkey boss and he freaked out of course since i took his chance at winning one of the first monkey rounds out there. He freaked out even more when I opened the 4 brains that I obtained from it. because i dropped the first tripel barrel out of it. I love monkey rounds OOK OOK
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    oh yeah I forgot to post my favorite moment discord shitfest was pretty fun but I think I had the most fun playing with hound and froggy and sniperz and bread rat in the earlier days of pluto just having an rdm fest and having fun gtfo is fun too yes
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    CT#0002 Favorite moment is when I RDM Speed and Stalk.
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    Thixx (Meme Machine)#4104 My favorite moment in Pluto.gg, would probably be discovering it! Ive had more fun on Pluto than any other TTT server, Moat was just a shit show, Velkon is Moat, and FRG is for mathematicians, that shit is so complicated. I used to play Pluto a little bit back when it first came out, and it was very fun and interesting, but i wasn't big on the dmg. Way lower than moats and basically moat body damage was Pluto head shot damage, but you learn to realize...its way better. Moat be like: Hey! check out my 78 damage body AK! wait, where did it go? oh another wipe, that's cool. I just wanna thank Meepen for Pluto, and YaBoiNathan for hosting the giveaway! I'm not writing this to win, i writing this to show my appreciation. Thank you!
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