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    Pepsi Man Gaming#0291 My Favorite moment was simply chilling with wizebear,lime, sniperz and shadow on discord while playing. Those were good times and hours well spent.
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    Sniperz#8341 -- My favorite moment of Pluto can be described in two words: the shitfest.
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    Username: BrGFlamingSharkSteamID:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198035552779/DiscordID: BrGFlamingShrk#7368Which server did you get banned on: Pluto.gg VA1 Which Staff Member banned you: Worthless What was the reason for your ban: Racism How long was the ban: ForeverExplain what happened/lead up to the ban: Literally they said if your not the T say the N word, a kid said it before hand, i was saying igger over and over but it must of sounded like the N word even though I wasn't saying it. I honestly believe that even if i was saying the word people wouldnt take it as seriously as they did, I believe they just did it to get someone banned for no reason because they could. Why do believe you should be unbanned?: I have been playing on the server on and off for over 4 months, been a dedicated enough player to the server i should be unbanned. As well this would be my first offense at all on this server so an automatically being banned forever seems harsh to me Confirmed Witnesses: N/A
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    Avalon#8705 i liked it when i got banned for cheating and then unbanned the next day cause admin realized i wasnt cheating
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    Dog#9682 Best moment of my Pluto life right here. Hangin with the boiz on ttt_atlantis watching snipers get fucked by a frog:
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    Sηεαкү#4473 When me and Sniperz heard the terrible sounds of Hound eating hand sanitizer off of his mic then continues on to blowing in his mic for what id like to say a minute straight. I seriously questioned Hounds mental health at that point. Sick
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