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    it's been a while since I did a giveaway but here it is, my 4th and final pluto giveaway. this giveaway is bigger than ever seen its LIFE CHANGING. this is the moment we've all been waiting for. How to Enter: ITS SIMPLE. Comment down below on this thread your discord username (ex:YaBoiNathan#9732) AND your favorite moment playing pluto cause last time u guys were boring and I like reading through these. There will be ONE winner that will be chosen on Nov. 22nd. They will have 5 days to claim their items before I redraw. So if ur banned for more than like a week dont even enter. What's in it: well I'm glad you asked 3000 droplets 1 EYE (YO) https://i.imgur.com/1TrilKv.png DEMONS PROMISE https://i.imgur.com/njN937C.png DRAGONS BREATHE https://i.imgur.com/SURd1JV.png DEMON SLAYER https://i.imgur.com/Mfkgbwx.png DOUBLE BLADED LIGHTSABER https://i.imgur.com/oTZZqco.png 5 MOD COINED XM (good mods) https://i.imgur.com/xOfsFxB.png 6 MOD COINED STG (good mods but corrupted) https://i.imgur.com/5UrboNq.png 7 MOD AK (near perfect mods, has best killing power IN SERVER) HUGE thank you to Meepen and Eppen and Limeinade and Liambird for donating to this giveaway (Meepen-Eye, Eppen-STG, Liam-Dragons Breathe, Limeimade-XM and Demon Slayer) Thank u all for making Pluto awesome I love most of u
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    @YaBoiNathani cant believe i forgot the time i rdmed you 23~ rounds in a row before you even got a shot on me
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    Pepsi Man Gaming#0291 My Favorite moment was simply chilling with wizebear,lime, sniperz and shadow on discord while playing. Those were good times and hours well spent.
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    After reading over the feedback, I've decided that now wouldn't be the best time for for me to change my profile pic to this image. That being said, I can recognize you have the right amount of spirit required, I am just lacking a bribe of roughly $10,000 USD which would be required before I change my profile pic upon request. Attached is some evidence that this is indeed, an unconscionable request. Denied
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    Froggy#4493 Rdming this kid called "YaBoiNathan" he was kinda bad also. Don't tell him.
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    My fav pluto moment is when I dropped my first OW, the feeling of finally having something nice was great. V2_Len_Kagamine#0002 Also when everyone downvoted me and called me a weeb for wanting a Len Kagamine model but miku is fine
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