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    As mentioned in the announcement on discord, here is essentially all the adjustments needed to fulfill Discord's partnered server guidelines: No more usage of "abusive" language, as it stands right now - anything goes as long as it isn't the hard R. This changes to NO "abusive" language at all, no faggot word, no cracker/kike/wop/gook/ect. words. Anything considered discriminatory, from jokes to hate speech - is no longer allowed. This includes: No attacks on an individual or group based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or disabilities. What this means is you can no longer joke about calling someone "tranny" or "autistic" as well as no more jokes about the status of people's countries or belittlement for being from a certain country or type of country, no "third worlder" jokes anymore. No advocating for or encouraging any of the types of behavior above, if you are trying to coerce or antagonize someone into carrying out any of the above offenses - you will be punished. If they cave in and do it, you both are punished. Conversations about adult topics are still allowed. Posting explicit pornographic material is still not allowed. However, this now includes borderline images/gifs/videos featuring questionable acts/other material, as well as textual NSFW material meant to be consumed as pornographic in nature; like greentexts or stories featuring a focus on sexual acts or behavior. If you have questions about clarifications, or opinions; pls feel free to comment them on this post!!!
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    I feel like there is a lot of toxicity in the discord and this would be a good way to remove it. I don't agree w/ people using insults that attack people w/ disabilities or races so it feels like this would be a good change
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