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    I want scammer role please
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    Username:TimeSweat SteamID:STEAM_0:1:536391516 DiscordID:TimeSweat#0411 Which server did you get banned on:VA2 Which Staff Member banned you:ϢσЯthlӡϛϛ What was the reason for your ban:I was blind or I had a radar as a inno and then I thought I was a t because I had radar then I killed 2 innos I said it was acc rdm but they said I purp rdmed How long was the ban:30 days Explain what happened/lead up to the ban:It all started when we joined a server and then duck shot me I saw him shoot me I looked for him I killed him he said kos off sus and weapon and location and then the second time he shot me I know I should've not killed him because I didnt see him shoot me I should've shot them both because I didnt know who shot me then I got banned for "att mrdm" but I actually thought I was a t because I had radar maybe I'm blind maybe I had a radar Why do believe you should be unbanned?:If I get unbanned I wont do it again I promise I like playing on pluto.gg and I love its gameplay. Confirmed Witnesses:duck but not duck/Sir Duck#8008 and Limeinade/Limeinade#7359 and Liambird723/Liambird723#3315
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    I accidently killed 2 innos I thought I was t because I had radar either I was very blind or it was some glitch and I had a radar I really want to play on pluto.gg I love the game and everything I wont break another rule again.
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