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    THE TRIBUTES HAVE BEEN CHOSEN THANK U ALL FOR JOINING Hunger Games Giveaway Tributes District 1: Kat Meepen District 2: Pocky o3o#5579 John District 3: Sear#2758 Arch District 4: Marshallgenius#5695 Sexxibatman#6106 District 5: theguy245#7227 seuss#0001 District 6: Moonpup PlacidHysteria#6507 District 7: Scoops#0864 DJGooseBucket#0001 District 8: Skeletonman0#7185 Bullet#5904 District 9: Froggy#4493 Danger#0035 District 10: Cosmos Phrot District 11: Sniperz Eppen District 12: Nekk#0345 Dog#6969 Ok before I explain how shit will work I just wanna say that I'm having some problems with my laptop so the list of items will be up when I figure this gay shit out, I just dont wanna delay it anymore I will be using this website to run the huger games for those who are asking: https://brantsteele.net/hungergames/ Huge thanks to Eppen for holding on to and distributing the giveaway prizes as I replace my hard drive (u get a free spot for helping uwu) So how this will work is I have 24+ prizes and 24 slots in the hunger games. So in the end everyone is a winner but I have to decide who's in the giveaway so that's what this post is for. Comment with your discord username (Example: YaBoiNathan#8008). The 24 people that get in will be chosen on February 8th whenever I wake up. Then on February 9th at 6 pm Mountain time JohnInvictus and I will be streaming the games live. NOTE: The 4 donors of this giveaway (Archangel, Phrot, Kat, and CosmosBoi) will have a free pass into the giveaway if they choose to enter. As the 4 of them donated about 12k worth of items and currency all together please make sure to thank them as without them this giveaway would be a lot later Prizes: First place will win the best prize and second with get second best and so on. Since it is wayyyy too difficult to ask 24 people what item they want the items will be ranked on a google doc https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LKGdBw3ySIKjpvYK--m6rOsLTPT_O7ZrPD2NZjNk2Ac/edit?usp=sharing Special Prizes: There will be a few special prizes for the ring gods smiling apon you and having you do a special task in the hunger games (one of the rewards in an over worldly uwu) All together this is by far the biggest giveaway I've ever done on anything with a total of around 23-25k worth of shit being given away. I know I know you all want my sexy video but since gay laptop and shit weather the video will come out after the games and summarize what happened during. So reply with your discord username and mark February 9th at 6 PM mountain time on your calendar. Thank u cuties for being so epic
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