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    [Support Staff][§ Arcɧangel §] Username: § Arcɧangel § SteamID: STEAM_0:1:196392186 DiscordID: Archangel#7892 How old are you?: 17 Do you have a microphone?: Yes How long have you been playing TTT?: Since early 2017 How long have you been playing on Pluto?: About a week Any past staffing experience in Garry's Mod or other games?: I was a T staff and Mod on moat at different times, and then I was a mod 3 times on a server called Traitor's Playground. If the above is applicable, what was the duration of active staffing?: 1.5-2 years In exactly 100 words, explain why you would make a good fit for our staff team: There are many reasons for me to want to become a staff member. One of these reasons is that I greatly enjoy playing TTT. Due to this, I will be an active staff member as I will want to play the game. In addition to this, I have a lot of experience with staffing on TTT and I love doing it. I have way too many hours in this game and a fair amount on this server already, and with both of those combined, I would be able to help both new and old players while I am on the server.
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    Username: Koolaid (Pluto.gg) SteamID: STEAM_0:1:183711859 DiscordID: (Koolaid#1957) How Old are you?: 17 Do you Have a Microphone?: Yes How Long Have You Been Playing TTT?: 3 Years How Long Have you Been On Pluto?: Over a Week Any Past Staffing experience in Garry's Mod or other games?: Mod for a Gmod TTT server (Now dead) originally called XenoGamers. If the Above is Applicable, What was the duration of active staffing?: Little over a month In Exactly 100 Words, explain why you would make a good fit for our staff team: I have had a lot of time playing Gmod with a total of 820 hours. I've also played lots on my friends PC before I bought it for my account. Since the main thing I play on Gmod is TTT and I've been on pluto for a while now, and a very active member. Due to this and having past staff experience, I'd be a good staff by helping players learn how to play TTT, and make sure everyone is in line with what happens in game. I also love playing TTT and want to help this community by helping in any way I can.
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    Username: Sηεαкү SteamID: STEAM_0:0:419473092 DiscordID: Sneaky#4473 How old are you?: 18 Do you have a microphone?: Yes How long have you been playing TTT?: A little over a year How long have you been playing on Pluto?: 2 weeks maybe more Any past staffing experience in Garry's Mod or other games?: No If the above is applicable, what was the duration of active staffing?: In exactly 100 words, explain why you would make a good fit for our staff team: I don't like giving attention to unnecessary drama or anything like that, I'm completely straight forward and very considerate to others. I can be very open minded and don't really like to hold grudges. Don't mind other peoples opinion of me but like to be a good person to everyone not matter the situation. I'm fast at learning something new and seem to pick up on things very quickly. Very positive towards others but don't like to put up with immaturity and toxicity. Of course i'm not perfect and don't claim to be. I do have flaws such as Taking breaks from things that I've committed to occasionally. I tend to work well with other people. Since the last time i applied I've went over the rules quite frequently and i feel i have a better understanding of them.
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    The situation worked itself out, Mac received what was promised in the gamble, this will count as first offense scamming. Closed & Archived
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    There are currently a lot of slots in our loadouts, and only three are being used. I'd assume that a grenade slot will be added eventually, and this item could be used as a replacement for a grenade. The Idea The Currency Geiger would be an item that would fit into slot 4 that players could obtain. When being held in the player's hand, a light will beep slowly and speed up depending on how close you are to a currency item. It automatically pings onto the closest currency, so moving away from it could possible cause the geiger to follow a different one. If there are no currencies left on the map, the currency geiger will go dead and no longer have a flashing light. Dropping the geiger and picking it back up will prevent it from working. This also applies to picking it up off of a dead body.
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    Baseball and only baseball and sometimes I hangout with friends
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    this guy big gay confirmed
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    Would be cool if it also told you the number of signals/drops still on the map.
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    I thought it would be nice to have a thread here and maybe even a discord channel where people can exchange or give away game keys they have lying around. I'll start by giving away 10 random steam keys to the first people dming me on discord.
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    Memes based on pluto lol
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    Easte has requested that this be thrown out. Note: There is not enough solid evidence to support this report, copy and paste logs can easily be manipulated and aren't exactly something that can be considered as actual evidence. (For future reference). Closed
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    Date of Occurrence: Thursday, Jan 23, 2020 Which map did this occur on: unsure, egypt looking map Offender Name: Dozza Offender SteamID: STEAM_0:1:50277880 Offender DiscordID: D0ZZA #3119 Your Name: easte Your DiscordID: Please describe the situation in as much detail as possible: Dozza was generally just being rude, starting conflict for no reason. After the Ordeal he decided he wanted to -rep my mod app. Moonpup seems to have had past negative experience with dozza. Confirmed Witness(es): Moonpup Evidence: easte: buying coins/other worldly tier shards Definitely Not D0ZZA: You do realize how much they both are right? Definitely Not D0ZZA: and that 1 coin is only 50% easte: yeah i do easte: i have enough dozza easte: why would i make the offer easte: if i did not have enough Definitely Not D0ZZA: if im being honest that's doubtful *DEAD* Definitely Not D0ZZA: and you ask why would you make an offer you can afford, well just refer back to your staff app, joins back after 2 or more - *DEAD* easte: why tf do you care so much dozza? and what reason do you have to doubt me? lmao why would i lie about that? *DEAD* Definitely Not D0ZZA: months applies for staff Definitely Not D0ZZA: thatds whyk. easte: wdym refer back to my staff ap easte: i have been playing since lauch day easte: i said 1 week *DEAD* moonpup: i mean there is nothing wrong with that dozza *DEAD* easte: d0zza why are you making a big deal about this? (Proceeds to talk shit about me over the mic, saying how i just came back and said "hey let me just randomly apply for mod" and how i did not know the rules, and how i needed to DM meepen to know the rules) *DEAD* moonpup: easte *DEAD* moonpup: just report him to staff for harrasement *DEAD* easte: ok *DEAD* moonpup: hes always a dick like this *DEAD* easte: i just clipped the last 5 mins (Clip was broken windows clip thing messed up) *DEAD* moonpup: yep *DEAD* moonpup: you can put me down as witness as well (Dozza proceeds to talk more shit, saying how im not fit for mod) easte: ? easte: whats your deal lmao [end]
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    Roy is already on server. I have a ttt_orange_v7 navmesh already ready for next map push, was planning to add to this last one but forgot. Not the biggest fan of kakariko, will probably get added but if I remember correctly there are different versions of the same map you spawn on so that might get fucky with currency spawns, not sure though. I absolutely despise that terraria map but will probably get added too.
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    Stealth I-IV After a rightful kill, there is a X% chance to silence your movement for X seconds.
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    @Eppen Not the toysoldiers you’re thinking of. Unless we find some major issues with the maps I can basically guarantee they will be added next time map pool gets new maps.
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    Refill I - III Each second, gain X ammo. Only works when you are currently holding the weapon.
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    Sticky bomb I-V (idea from risk of rain 2) Whenever an attack hits an enemy, x chance for a bomb that detonates for x damage to attach to that enemy. The chance increases by x for a sticky bomb to be applied every stack accrued after the first. Silence I-V ( gay and broken because most of the suggestion suggest broken ones so why not ) Whenever an attack hits an enemy, x chance to silence 1 or x amount of mods randomly. Slower projectile Converts rpm to damage by percentage Elemental focus (meme) converts 100% of gun damage and only able to deal elemental (fire,,ice,thunder) dots to enemy Whack I-V ( no melee mods but please ) Melee has a x chance to strike twice Ice Nova I-V Whenever an attack hits an enemy, x chance to trigger a small chilling circle of ice that expands after x amount of hits -Support mods ( call me lazy but what if we introduce support mods that are like support gems in poe that boost mods by (damage/chance of proc/levels) Empower support Level 1-3 ( rare because its strong ) Once this reaches level 2 or above adds a level on other mods. And increases anything related with numbers on the supported mods by x% Elemental support Increases elemental dots x% damage Bleed support Deal x% more physical damage (gun base damage) to bleed enemies Poison support Deal x% more damage to poisoned enemies
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    Mute I - V Each shot has a X% chance to prevent enemies from using radio commands for X seconds.
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    One is DJ sona from League of Legends and one is Harley Quinn, you uncultured swine..
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    Meepen is cool and gifted 4000 droplets to the giveaway so there will be 11 winners and they will be picked on Sunday
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    I've witnessed him using this bind before while you were on the server and you joked about it back to him over voice (also in the second screenshot you are responding with a lenny face). Nothing about this is harassment, especially when you are showing him you are taking it as a joke (see former sentence). I will ask Batman to get rid of the bind as it's not worth the drama to have. Given your current track record I must ask you (D0ZZA) to consider your actions and words before you go through with them, a report like this is unnecessary especially when there are many other steps you could take before ending up on the forums. I'm sorry that you felt like this was harassment but it's not, if you wish to inquire further about this verdict then DM me on discord and I can elaborate on it more for you. Closed & Archived
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    No anime smelly dont show meepen
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    where is the head on crash. it'll be a headshot magnet
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    Dozza be like *disagree noises*
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    Oh, also change back the dark theme, the new one is kinda gay
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    Username: D0ZZA SteamID: STEAM_0:1:50277880 DiscordID: D0ZZA#3119 How old are you?: 21 Do you have a microphone?: Yes, I currently own the razer kraken tournament. How long have you been playing TTT?: I've been playing TTT since July 2013 How long have you been playing on Pluto?: Currently I have been on the server 3 weeks, but have been in the community since the idea was made. Any past staffing experience in Garry's Mod or other games?: My past experience consists of Moderation on the FLUX server located in Australia. If the above is applicable, what was the duration of active staffing?: The duration of my staffing consisted of 4 months, unfortunately i had family issues that caused me to have to resign, this was in September 2018. In exactly 100 words, explain why you would make a good fit for our staff team: Currently there are no staff from my timezone, I feel that if i am made Support staff i think that the timezone difference will be a massive helping hand to the entire staff, lifting some of the last night effort off of you guys and onto myself, which i'm more than ready for. Over the past week I've changed the way I present myself, instead I've decided to take more of a professional approach to my actions, which is the way I intend to act staff or not, Thank you for taking your time, and I hope you have a great day.
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    Useless I-V This has no effect on your gun but when the gun reaches a certain xp threshold this mod will be re rolled into a random skill of the same tier. So if you have useless II when it rolls you could get reloading II or any other mods at tier II and it works the same for every tier.
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    Ight fuckers giveaway will end on JANUARY 19TH (thanks moat) Watch video or else and slap the dislike button. Already made it to 25 dislikes to keep eyes peeled for second giveaway https://youtu.be/WKH5M29ZXlc Read desc
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    denied, cheater
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    it was pretty funny lol if you think you miss it, try having to change all of the settings on the forums back to what they were before without knowing what any of the options were set to haHAA
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    pls grow peen, ty^^^ +1 for eppen
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    Gonk droid 2: electric boogaloo
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    Ok u no get lara Croft model smh my head
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    Username: Saicher DiscordID: Saicher#0751 Which server did you get banned on: TTT Which Staff Member banned you: FishCake What was the reason for your ban: Hacking How long was the ban: Forever Explain what happened/lead up to the ban: Somebody was spectating me that had over 200 ping. They recorded a video that seems to portray me using aimbot or something. This is completely false as I did not have any other program running on my computer besides GMOD and I wouldn't want to get banned off of the server. I play on it to hang with my brother (Sneaky) who plays on it constantly. I don't have any reason to be using aimbot as kills don't seem to mean much besides winning a round anyways. I believe that the videos provided are inconclusive at best because of the fact that the user who recorded them had extremely high ping and was also spectating me. We all know how buggy and inaccurate GMOD's spectating system can be. Thank you to whoever reads this and I hope to be able to play with you all again soon! Confirmed Witnesses: Sneaky
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    Why do yall have an obsession with women models that have either tight clothes are no clothes
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    Username: YaBoiNathan SteamID: STEAM_0:1:196321695 DiscordID: YaBoiNathan#8008 How old are you?: 16 Do you have a microphone?: Yes How long have you been playing TTT?: Since early 2016ish How long have you been playing on Pluto?: Since the community was announced Any past staffing experience in Garry's Mod or other games?: Was an admin for a small server called dinkleberg If the above is applicable, what was the duration of active staffing?: 1 year and 2 months Describe in a 100 words thing: I believe I'd be a good addition to the staff team because I know the rules fairly well and I'm very familiar with the community. I have the rules pinned to my desktop and I usually have them open when I play. I believe I have around 100 or so hours in game in pluto and 2550 total in gmod. I'm very active in the discord and forums. I'm not very busy IRL so I'll be able to help a lot ingame almost everyday. Ive learned from my past toxicity and I know the staff team pretty well already. I have past staffing experience in TTT and I'm even further mature than I was then. I hope you consider me to be staff
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    Fuck u I made this last time
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    This has been suggested a lot and I think the answer will still be the same -1
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    Username: easte SteamID: STEAM_0:1:453580648 DiscordID: east#4012 How old are you?: 16 Do you have a microphone?: Yes How long have you been playing TTT?: 2016, i have over 800 hours across all accounts. How long have you been playing on Pluto?: Since launch day Any past staffing experience in Garry's Mod or other games?: Yes, I have owned a server, and staffed on a DarkRP server called Sapphire If the above is applicable, what was the duration of active staffing?: Around 4 weeks, till the owner shut the server down. In exactly 100 words, explain why you would make a good fit for our staff team: I have a decent amount of experience with moderating on Garry's mod and other games. I have a firm grasp on the rules of TTT and i don't let personal bias get in the way of a verdict. I'm not easy to a temper and can take a joke. I'm understanding with newer players and I'm not bothered to lend a helping hand. I don't ban people without proper evidence. I'm really active and spend most of my time on pluto. I'll admit when I'm in the wrong. I would generally like to make pluto a safe, toxic-free, friendly environment. Thanks.
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    adren boost, after a rightful kill your speed double for 10 secs
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    Date of Occurrence: 1/8/2020 Which map did this occur on: Multiple maps Offender Name: Sexxi Batman Offender SteamID: STEAM_0:1:53701937 Offender DiscordID: SexxiBatman#6106 Your Name: D0ZZA Your DiscordID: D0ZZA#3119 Please describe the situation in as much detail as possible: Sexxi Batman Joins the game flexing extremely over powered weapons and claiming they're spawned in, but not by meepen, I call him out for it and he decides to make a bind claiming I'm overweight and play gmod at Mcdonalds, with a bigmac in one hand, mouse in the other. Confirmed Witness(es): Sneaky Evidence:
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