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  2. Large pp in my mouth large pp in my mouth large pp in my mouth

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      Wait fuck not my profile but statement stands

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  4. I see there isn't much interest in a key exchange, big sad. I still have 3 keys if anyone is interested, just dm me on discord or ask here.
  5. When I renamed the gun it was after I was told there was not a problem with it unless I was asked to rename it, which I was not. Several staff members saw it over the week that I on/off played on your server and none seemed to have a problem with me renaming my gun to a rather edgy idubbbs quote. I have been killed by people with worse gun names and no one minded, the staff I asked about that said it wasn't against the rules. So it is sort of weird you are bringing it up. Same went for anything offensive said in chat or otherwise. I changed my name after 2 other players were banned for "group trolling" after changing their names a couple times, which I found sort of rediculous considering what I was told BY STAFF about the rules but I accept that making fun of/insulting a staff member went too far, which I apologize for. Apart from that, I was playing ttt as usual. Considering I got a 2 week ban for changing my name to ridicule/insult you (as soon as my name popped up for joining apparently), I think that is a harsh punishment which I was willing to take without complaint because I recognized that the name change was childish and overstepping a boundry.
  6. Your 100% right and this will never happen again on any server
  7. Well, it managed to offend several people although they didn’t publicly show it. The other individuals in your group were far more out of control. I get that you wanted to take a peek at what Crescent has to offer but there’s no reason in doing so spreading hate speech. I personally can forgive you but I just thought that this should be brought to the attention of this server. Racism isn’t a joke.
  8. Id like to start off by saying none of this in any way was intended maliciously whatsoever. I can 100% agree that it was immature and i should know better as a staff to treat other servers with respect and basically how i want pluto to be treated. So yesterday me and a few other players were bored because there were no other players currently on pluto, so we decided to play other servers such as moat, crescent etc. we hopped on moat opened some crates then we left. so then we decided to check out crescent which i hadn't yet so i was curious. We joined and at first the players I was in a call with and I started to mess around with each other nothing too serious just shooting each other wasn't affecting anybody and to my knowledge it wasn't. Then we had decided to change our names to those letter which was very fatuous it was an idea that i should have never acted upon and i do apologize for doing what we had done i really shoudve known better on how it would affect me and the server i staff on, I do hope you can forgive us and this will certainly never happen again on any server rather.
  9. Date of Occurrence: 2/24/2020 Staff Member's Name: Sηεαкү Staff Member's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:419473092 Your Name: Torbjörn Your DiscordID: Please describe the situation in as much detail as possible: Came onto Crescent and renamed themselves to ER after two others that they were group trolling with were named NI GG. If you combine their names you get NIGGER. Really professional of them to promote racism on other TTT servers. I hope you're fine with having racists on your servers. Also, for your reference the individuals that they were involved with will be posted below. Confirmed Witness(es): Evidence: How do you believe we can fix this: Have them act professional on other servers. Additional Information:
  10. Date of Occurrence: 2/24/2020 Which map did this occur on: Offender Name: ✪ Todd the Turtle Terrorist Offender SteamID: STEAM_0:1:99159671 Offender DiscordID: Your Name: Torbjörn Your DiscordID: Please describe the situation in as much detail as possible: Came onto the Crescent's EU server with a group of five and started trolling. Did a search on their Steam ID and saw they applied for staff here, just thought you'd like to see this. They named a gun "NIGGERFAGGOT" and even named themselves an offensive name. Confirmed Witness(es): Evidence: https://i.imgur.com/v90XvS7.png https://i.imgur.com/2HjrbRE.png Additional Information Fix your attachment system.
  11. Last week
  12. of the assassin Shots will have a drastically reduced tracer size (80-100)%.
  13. of the chameleon I-III On rightful kill, has a (25-50)% chance to mahe you "invisible" (can stil be seen slightly) for 10 seconds.
  14. I like the idea but I think it should be a unique. Or you could make thsi a craftable, using a confused shard, an uncommon and a common for example and have to add a box maybe for it to work. Also would be cool if you could actually pick and change the gun type in inventory instead of it randomly rerolling every round, while that would be fun there is always a high chance to get guns you don't like and that possibly are a bad pick for whatever map you are on at the time. Maybe a unique version where you can actually pick the gun type beforehand?
  15. Hey guys, I had an idea for a gun that I think would be a fun addition to the server. This would be a Mystery Gun that turns into a random non-unique primary weapon each round. The weapon itself would have a rarity, a mod limit, and crafted effects if crafted, and the mods could be rolled like normal on the gun. With droplets, hearts, dice, and whatever, one could roll good stats onto their mystery gun and use it to play with a different, random gun each round. I think this would be fun because the owner of a gun like this would be able to try out good guns of different types instead of just the smaller handful of expensive guns that they normally would have. Example Mystery Gun: Please give me constructive feedback, thanks.
  16. Frenzy 1-v Each hit has a x chance to make you fire faster for x seconds
  17. Tank I-III Speed is reduced by X% while holding this weapon but weapon damage is increased by Y% OR Speed and damage received are reduced by X% while holding this weapon
  18. The moment your name becomes derogatory towards ethnic groups or is read/pronounced in a way that interrupts the flow of the game should be a good basis to stay clear of. There can't be a comprehensive list of this, as we'll always miss one. We'll simply tell you if we deem it unacceptable for Pluto. I do believe you are already on the wire for one of these. Inappropriate Name / Profile Picture: Anything deemed inappropriate by a Staff Member will not be tolerated. Please change either of those if a staff asks Anything that is NSFW (Not safe for work) Anything showing nudity or lewd Inappropriate names may be things like ‘ok, him, her, traitor, inno, innocent, detective, etc.’; anything that may interfere with the seamless flow of the game and make callouts confusing is not allowed Any links to inappropriate sites or images, advertisements for other servers or products, etc. If you'd like further clarification, feel free to pm me on discord @Sniperz (Lou)#8341
  19. (Player 1) took my name (Player 2) too seriously. (Player 2) was caught off guard. (Player 2) died from excitement. (Player 1) felt accomplished and said, what a climax to a TTT story.
  20. I asked Dog today about this, and he gave me a good answer. I also went over the rules, But I could not seem to find a true answer to my question. I want to stretch my "creative" muscles a little. How bad/ridiculous can my names be on this server. I understand I can't do something straight racist, or anything that can disrupt the flow of the game.
  21. Earlier
  22. Do YOU not know what weapon to pick/buy next? Have YOU been unhappy with the gun you are using as of late? Would you like to know which weapon is currently the strongest or are you just interested in a more indepth analysis of the guns currently available? Then you have come to the right place! The following link will take you to the spreadsheet which I keep up to date: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17xzSeyJmmpkH9mTt1Ia4u-TYCKKqXzRqIFcdZeRbrQs/edit?usp=sharing It has all stats! It has COLORS! It has a lot of my sanity which it sucked out while I tried around with different google sheet functions until it finally did what I fucking wanted and then decided to just stop doing that for no apparent reason and made me start over! Feel free to comment to leave your own thoughts or point out mistakes if you find any. Also feel free to comment on the gun ideas in the second sheet with any of your ideas or suggestions.
  23. Bump? Not trying to bother anybody but it has been over a month since my unban appeal has been under review. I'd love to know if a conclusion was found in regards to this so if anybody knows the final verdict on my ban please let me know!
  24. I broke my middle toe thanks obama

  25. Can I pay froggy to play for me
  26. Add holiday bosses that drop this stuff as well
  27. Gmod more like gbad

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