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  3. Username: Nordic SteamID: STEAM_0:1:41421619 DiscordID: Nordic#6353 Timezone: GMT+2 How old are you?: 22 Do you have a microphone?: Yes How long have you been playing TTT?: I have been playing TTT since 2015 or so. How long have you been playing on Pluto?: 6 days 23 hours 58 minutes 32 seconds Any past staffing experience in Garry's Mod or other games?: I have been staff on the old TTT servers called TTT Traitors cave, and trouble in cat town, as well as co owning a smaller Minecraft server If the above is applicable, what was the duration of active staffing?: Traitors cave: Around a year until it shut down in mid 2016. Cat town: Late 2016 to mid 2017 when i took a break from the game. Minecraft: 2012-2015. In at least 100 words, explain why you would make a good fit for our staff team: I am seemingly quite active, and I seem to be well-liked, or at the very least tolerated by the vast majority of the player base. Other then that I have quite a bit of experience staffing as well as a good understanding of the rules of the server, I don't take shit from people. While I do enjoy fucking around with others I know I also know and understand the importance of being somewhat professional when dealing with reports and the like. I am in a European time zone which allows me to be available doing the standard American downtime.
  4. As we all know the Recycling modifier is absolute trash . I propose a rework that makes it not useless on a map with ammo. of Recycling I You gain X% - X% of the bullets you hit back into your clip after kill. This means that you a percentage of the bullets you hit back in your mag, this would make the mod at most viable due to the fact that it for most guns would give like 5 bullets back.
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  6. when I turn 18 I'll leak my dick pic

  7. ban afk farms

  8. woah these exist

  10. T$E Sniperz`

    Scammer Role

    Ill give you it on plutocraft... jesus
  11. Spammer role for ducky 2020
  12. Ducky!

    Scammer Role

    Can I have it now pleas
  13. Hey Ducky, I'm going to close this appeal here as you've now exceeded the deny threshold I had in mind. All the best. Ban Upheld Locked & Archived
  14. Exactly. It is an inventory server after all so the drops play a big role. People not getting drops get frustrated, frustrated players probably won't come back.
  15. i hate playing with over a week playtime with nothing dropped more than 1 quill
  16. 0.01% which means 10000 rounds for 100%. That's about 2 weeks of pure playtime. Normal players come on for what, 1-2 hours a day? So one guaranteed drop every trimester? And it isn't even a 6-mod necessarily. This is supposed to make the player experience more satisfying and not more aggravating I get the point. I think the numbers are somewhat reasonable but it needs to be adjusted after actually trying it in a realistic environment. On the other hand, I don't think the counter will ever get past ~25% which is why I prefer the alternative where it is more like a battle pass. I wrote "might need to be adjusted" a couple times because in my head, the numbers sound reasonable but in the end I don't know how it will turn out if it were implemented with those numbers. I think the 3 heart drops is a general experience on the server. You get spammed with junk and vintage weapons which have no value at all and usually I am happy if I drop a common weapon, once in a few days, and then get even more frustrated when I don't get a shard out of it. I understand that rare things should be, well, rare. But I for example have over 2 weeks (close to 3 weeks I think) of playtime and dropped 2 or maybe 3 OWs. And then there is no way of guaranteeing a shard drop when deconstructing either.
  17. this idea sounds great although it might be too good where it is rn but i hate playing for hours just to get like 3 hearts
  18. honestly I like this idea but itll be way too easy to get good drops so maybe a +.01% every round
  19. Luck stacks The idea is very simple: For the different pure RNG mechanics (currency drops, end round drops and crafting) there will be stacking systems that will increase chances or compensate you for your bad luck, reducing RNG a bit and creating a more satisfying experience. Luck of the Looter You have a visible Luck-meter showing your stack for end round drops. You get stacks based on the drop you get each round. 3 (or 2) stacks for no drop 2 (or 1) stacks for junk drop 1 (or 1) stack for vintage drop <- Possible Luck-meter (fills up with lighter green) Each stack increases the drop chance by 0.1% (might need to be adjusted idfk) and it resets when you drop a 5+mod gun. Alternatively (probably a lot easier to implement and I think at this point I prefer this idea), you could recieve 1 stack per round played without getting moved to afk (with at least 4 players or so). The stacks go up to 1000 (will have to be adjusted, I did a very rough average round length calculation with an average of ~1 minute 40 seconds, you'd get one 5mod+ extra for every ~28h playtime) 2592 (which, at an average round time of 1:40 mins or 100 seconds would be 3 days of active playtime which would take well over two weeks for the average player to achieve and even for hardcore players who play for 8 hours on the server daily, it would still take 9 days to get) with guaranteed drops for a random inevitable (at about 25%, then a 5mod (at about 50%), a confused or 5mod (at about 75%, you get the idea) and last, at max stacks, an OW, then the stacks reset. Also, possibly a cooldown so you can't get these drops more then once a month. Hephaestus’ Blessing When crafting, gain stacks based on crafting outcomes. 1 stack if you got the lowest possible mod count and 1 more if you used currency with a 50%+ chance to apply and it didn’t. Also, 5 stacks if you used 1 confused shard and the confused effect applied to the craft. Once a certain threshold is reached, it can be activated for the next craft to have increased chances for a good craft. Alternatively, using it could give the choice for guaranteeing success for 1 aspect of the craft (max mods from available shards, get implicit from gun, apply currency effect) or applied to one of the possible outcomes of the craft to increase its craft chance or maybe even to eliminate one possible outcome. Greed’s frenzy This will grant stacks, which increase rare currency drop rates, every round you didn’t drop a rare currency and will reset once you drop one (I think the stacks should not increase heart drop chances and rounds where you drop a heart should not grant a stack or reset it either since hearts aren’t really that rare, can be acquired through daily mission and their current value barely sets them apart from tomes) Alternatively, stacks could go up to a set amount at which you get a guaranteed rare drop or are given a random rare directly.
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