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    • [Unban Appeal] (ShotGun) Username: ShotGun SteamID: https:/steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198347401320 DiscordID: (340567844586651650) Which server did you get banned on: Va1 Which Staff Member banned you: Liambird723 What was the reason for your ban: Attempted Mass RDM 3rd offence How long was the ban: Perma Explain what happened/lead up to the ban: I ran up to red and one taped him. Why do believe you should be unbanned?: Ight so I have been banned for 2 months now, and have finally realized most people dont like someone constantly rdmed for no good reason, I have basically spent two months avoiding that I should probably apologize for being the biggest ass ever on this server and I would like to say sorry for every person I rdmed for "fun". I would also like to be unbanned because of how much time I have spent on pluto (I dont remember the time but I got to lv 100 so that counts for something). So I would at least like a time reduction and not be permaed. Confirmed Witnesses:
    • Murder The round is changed to murder mystery.  1-2 players spawn as murderer and 1 sherrif. The rest are bystanders. Bystanders can get a gun by finding 5 dropped weapons on the ground. The sheriff has a 1 shot revolver with 1 shot per reload and if kills inno they both die. Jester One innocent is replaced with jester and if the jester is killed by anybody. They win, the T's will also see a pink J above their head. KotH A briefcase will spawn on the map and can be picked up by players. When picked up you will be outlined to all players and can be killed by them punching you. When picking up you get fully healed. The player who has had it for the longest at the end of the round wins.
    • These are all event rounds from my old forum post from last year, I'll most likely come up with some more later but for now I'll just put these. Scrambled Everyone is given a different player's loadout for the round. Infection One player starts as a zombie, hitting another player infects them. Zombies win by turning everyone into zombies, players win by surviving for the duration of the round. Juggernaut One player starts with much more health and a powerful weapon (something similar to the laser fists?), everyone must eliminate them to win.
    • minigame round (mario party style)
    • Hi everyone, as part of my upcoming Round Overhaul Update I'm going to be adding multiple new rounds, and I'd like community input and ideas. As of right now, we have two types of rounds: Event Rounds like the Christmas round, the Monkey round, and the Bunny round, which come seasonally and completely change the game from TTT. We also have Mini-Events like Droplet Rain, Shooting Stars, and Chance Dice, which stay year-round and don't change the game from TTT. With this next update I'll be introducing Random Rounds which will stay year-round, occur semi-randomly, and change the game from TTT. Examples of these may include Team Deathmatch, Free-For-All, Last Man Standing, etc. If you have any ideas for Mini-Events, Random Rounds, and/or Event Rounds then please post them here or in the channel I create on discord. Thanks!
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