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    • Primary: In my opinion the current sniper playstyle needs a new weapon. I personally dislike the scoped snipers that are offered, and feel a weapon similar to the Lee enfield or springfield, offering higher damage than scoped snipers, More of a skill = reward kind of weapon.  Some other high range weapon option would be a sort of shotgun (scoped or unscoped) similar to a double barrel but with tighter spread, so your accuracy gets rewarded  not really a replacement to the sniper since it's still a shotgun but a better mid range option to the normal shotgun but with  a 1 (or 2) bullet mag then you would undergo a medium reload speed. Secondary:  I personally feel there is a glaring lack of secondary options, it's almost a bad choice to pick anything other than the deagle (pocket sniper), I feel we should have some alternatives that offer a something better than the deagle does (TMP is a good option but it's rarely used and the low damage is unappealing to people (does not need a buff btw)) Revolver, this one is kind of obvious, but i'd be good to have a revolver type weapon with 6 rounds that you can fire at a much higher rpm than the deagle for less damage. Deringer, if you don't already know, The deringer is like a mini double barrel shotgun, I feel this would suit sniper play since a good way to kill snipers it to get really close and personal, and a Deringer could make it so snipers have something to counter that. The deringer would deal massive close range damage but have really bad falloff making it useless in ranged play with a fast draw time but a painfully slow reload. kind of like the same thing as a (blunderbuss but fires 2 shots at the same time)   Reworks: I really dislike when i'm having the T round of my live, blinking around, mowing people down, then some guy with 2 hours 1 deags me from the other solar system, I don't think necessarily the deag needs a nerf, just a slight rework, Although i'm not a developer i'll try my best to try to find a fix. As it stand i feel the deag is a little too easy to use, even lower variants of the weapon are godlike, I was in the server with someone who had a deagle that 2 shots and good mods so it was basically a primary weapon. So, In my opinion the deag should have a slightly slower reload time, should not have a instant headshot but should get them to around 10-15hp , with a lower RPM..... OR and i'm being serious here, don't rework anything and switch the deag to the primary slot. I'm not sure about the demons promise since i've never used it, but if it has the same stats as the Deagle, It should not be changed, since it's already so hard to obtain. This took a lot of thinking to come up with, if you like it please +1 it or if you disagree leave a comment about what you disagree with. Remember i'm not a dev this is just all opinion  Misc: (On of my favorite weapons on m̷̧͎̩͔̙̼̜̠̓̕ơ̷̰̲̈́a̵̱̠̘͛͊̋̚͘͝t̷̹̬́̍̏̈́ͅ  was the stealthano, a silenced pistol that fires fast and has a red dot sight, that does med damage, i'd be nice to see that added since it was so fun to play with)  
    • I thought it would be nice to have a thread here and maybe even a discord channel where people can exchange or give away game keys they have lying around. I'll start by giving away 10 random steam keys to the first people dming me on discord.
    • Fuck new mods just increase the percentile ranges on better tiers to create more progression. If someone has an otherworldly deagle and someone has a junk, the only difference is it will only take one shot less to kill an innocent. This should only apply to niche things like dots and reloading instead of mods that increases survivability such as cycle, strength, and rejuvenation. 
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